Cookbook Publishing - The Basic Ingredients and the Secrets to Success

Written by Denise Hamilton

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Once you have identified who will buy your book, you can target your marketing plan and your book design with your customers in mind, such as:   · Where do they shop? · Where do they play? · What style of book appeals to them? - (research your competition closely). · What price are they willing to pay? · How many pictures do they want in a cook book? (a lack of photos can kill book sales) · What colors attract them? (spend time in book stores and libraries, learning which books haverepparttar most appealing appearance) · What size of book is currently popular? · What type of book binding increases sales? · Are they concerned about health or other issues? · Do they appreciate little stories, jokes, cooking tips or other information inrepparttar 126366 book? 

Sometimes I took two steps forward then had to take one step back, but at other times I took one step forward and two back. Don’t waste timerepparttar 126367 way that I did – use my experiences to your advantage (in Recipe for Success I have included many resources and templates to help you. Once you have a grasp ofrepparttar 126368 basics, you can actually begin to put your cook book publishing and marketing plans into action.  

Of course, a cook book has special challenges that other books may not have. Your primary goal is to give people unique, delicious recipes that they can create successfully in their own homes. That means that you have to measure exactly and your instructions must be clear and simple. You will have to test each recipe over and over until it turns out perfectly every time, then you will have to enlist other people to prepare those recipes independently of you. No matter what their comments, you must takerepparttar 126369 critiques of your testers seriously because if they do not achieve great resultsrepparttar 126370 chances are very good that your customers will be unhappy with their “flops”. Finally, it is a good idea to haverepparttar 126371 recipes tested by a professional home economist or other food expert. 

Depending onrepparttar 126372 focus of your cook book, you might want to include nutrition information such as calories and fat content. Fortunately, there is now computer software that will dorepparttar 126373 calculations for you. You must also provide an index atrepparttar 126374 back ofrepparttar 126375 book, and thankfully, software is available for this chore also.

Food photography is a special challenge of its own, requiring many tricks to make good look appealing. A good food photographer is a vital part of your cook book publishing team. Great attention must be paid to every minute detail, down torepparttar 126376 grains of pepper in a dish and torepparttar 126377 bubbles on top of a cup of coffee. Each photograph can require four hours of shooting time, if not more, so plan adequate time forrepparttar 126378 photo shoot.   The services of a food stylist are very helpful, but with research you can do a great deal ofrepparttar 126379 food styling yourself. Find as many books as you can onrepparttar 126380 subject and practice in advance ofrepparttar 126381 photo shoot. I learned simple tricks like: 

sticking sandpaper torepparttar 126382 plate to prevent food from slipping

using whipped icing or shaving cream in place of ice cream or whipped cream

placing a shot glass under a very thickly cut slice of lemon to preventrepparttar 126383 lemon from absorbingrepparttar 126384 liquid underneath

using beef bouillon in place of “coffee”

using dish detergent to create bubbles inrepparttar 126385 “coffee”

using a blow torch to make meat appear cooked

andrepparttar 126386 list goes on…

Food styling is such fun, but it requires a great deal of time, even in advance ofrepparttar 126387 photo shoot. You will need all of your “props” in place, such as dishes, cutlery, flowers, table linens, food items and backgrounds. Many companies will happily lend these items to you in exchange for a credit inrepparttar 126388 book – this can appear onrepparttar 126389 Cataloging in Publication data page atrepparttar 126390 beginning of your book. 

When your book is ready to go to print, it is time to put your cook book marketing and publicity campaign into gear: 

· Decide onrepparttar 126391 best time of year to launch your book. September is usuallyrepparttar 126392 best month for Christmas sales, but you also face steep competition. Try to think of a time that is appropriate for your book, such as January for a healthy eating book, late Spring for a barbecue book, Valentine’s Day for a romantic book, Heart and Stroke month for a heart-healthy book, etc. · Produce galley copies. · Send galleys to appropriate book clubs (look at their websites to learn their submission requirements). · Research appropriate catalogs and send galleys to them. · Have your publicist approach magazines that review cook books (magazines have long lead times). · Stay in contact with any corporations and organizations that might use your book for promotions. · Find a reputable distributor to have your book accepted byrepparttar 126393 book store trade, as well as other retailers. · Contact non-book store book sellers.  When your book is ready to roll offrepparttar 126394 press, get your publicity campaign into high gear. You can haverepparttar 126395 best book inrepparttar 126396 world, but if no one knows about it, no one will buy it. The easy part is over – publicity and marketing now become your life. This part isrepparttar 126397 most fun, as you now reaprepparttar 126398 rewards of all of your efforts. Your goal now is to turn your cook book title into a household word. Go for it -- publish your own cook book!

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Denise Hamilton self published her own cookbook and has sold over 250,000 copies to date. She is now sharing her secrets with other authors.

How to Find Targeted Niche Markets

Written by Gerald Hardie

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Do some research on Kite Fishing and if you are able "Interview Experts" onrepparttar topic. Record your Conversation with their permission of course and then get it transcriped. There are many transcription places to go online and it doesn't cost to much. Now you have some content for your ebook without writing a thing and you are nowrepparttar 126365 expert author.

Look for people who are passionate about that particular Topic, that have Disposable Income and a Credit Card. Write something that will solve a problem and then market that product to them. Findrepparttar 126366 market first then createrepparttar 126367 product to suit. This way you are able to quickly create a product with pre-determined demand, get a ebook, video or audio, your own digital product and sell it online without huge overheads.

So you see, you can become you very own publishing expert without years of experience. If you haven't already signed up to our newsletter to recieve sound advice and great hints and tips so you can save Time and Money and also get great creative idea's for new products and how to market them.

Gerald Hardie is the president of Online publishing. Author of several books and regular newsletter to Ministers. and

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