Converting Web Site Visitors Into Subscribers

Written by Raymond Johnston Jr

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Many are still ignoringrepparttar productivity of pop-ups. This one simple act has increasedrepparttar 131961 percentage of visitors who becomes subscribers by over 20%. You may not like pop-ups yourself butrepparttar 131962 fact is, used with taste, they work.

There is a new program by Wes Blaylock that is quite effective at generating new sign ups. It involvesrepparttar 131963 use of an exit pop-up as well. I would suggest using it on one of your other website pages. Use it on your second most visited page.

This pop-up will offer your visitorrepparttar 131964 opportunity to sign-up to some ofrepparttar 131965 top newsletters or ezines onrepparttar 131966 net. For each time this pop-up is seen by a visitor on your site,repparttar 131967 opportunity to sign up to your site will appear on four other sites. This program has proved to be quite successful. You can check it out here.

This is a twist on another method that can be quite effective. Work out a joint venture with another publisher. Whenrepparttar 131968 visitor exits your site, he will receive a pop-up with an offer to joinrepparttar 131969 other person's publication. Likewise, when a visitor leaves your joint venture partner's site,repparttar 131970 opportunity to join your publication will be offered.

Do not be shy about asking your visitor to sign up to your publication. Be direct. Tell him how you can help make his life easier. Tell himrepparttar 131971 benefits that your newsletter or ezine can provide.

If he is leaving your website without signing up, give him another chance. This time offer him something free. This can be an ebook or something else that you choose. Try to make an offer that your visitor cannot refuse.

When it comes to getting sign-ups, be persistent. Give your visitor numerous chances to sign up. Make it simple and make it beneficial torepparttar 131972 visitor.

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Optimizing Your Site For The Search Engines

Written by Margot B

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have to wait for a single download;repparttar images are cached on your hard drive and display immediately. For more detailed information see loadtime_no6.htm. You can get a free evaluation of your site's graphic image size at They findrepparttar 131959 bloated graphics on your web site and tell you how much they need to be reduced. They optimizerepparttar 131960 graphics automatically. Tips for reducing file size; save your high resolution art at 72dpi. Crop or shrink graphics. Use fewer than 256 colors for GIFs where possible. Save JPEG files in 'low' or 'medium' quality. With in their program "GIF Lube" you can type in repparttar 131961 URL of your site, orrepparttar 131962 image, and their technology will immediately compress repparttar 131963 image and give you backrepparttar 131964 results. If practical, test your site to see how it will look in different browsers on different machines. If may take time and money, butit'srepparttar 131965 only way you can truly see how your site appears on different browsers. If you make a mistake in your HTML code, Internet Explorer will presume to know what you meant, and display it correctly, while in Netscape it may not show anything but a blank page. Or you can go to Net Mechanic at They'll let you view your site exactly as it appears on 14 different platform and browser combinations. This service is reasonably priced. Last, but not least, Net Mechanic has a free newsletter giving you valuable Web design and maintenance tips. They have a strict privacy policy,they will not sell or give away personal information. Aboutrepparttar 131966 Author: Margot B Web: Margot B is a writer, editor, and web site developer.

Margot B is a Webmaster, Website Designer, Writer of non-fiction and children's fiction

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