Converting Print Advertising For Use On The Web - A How-To

Written by J Hancock

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  • Designing withinrepparttar constraints of (x)html: When you lay out a print ad, you placerepparttar 147667 images where they belong onrepparttar 147668 page, draw out any shapes, lay outrepparttar 147669 colors, and placerepparttar 147670 text. Then you print it out and make copies. Every copy you hand out looks exactlyrepparttar 147671 same, and thereís nothing magic aboutrepparttar 147672 way things stay onrepparttar 147673 page. In web design, everything is held in place by code. You could easily have a four to one ratio of code to content. If you are not familiar withrepparttar 147674 coding involved in keeping your site looking like itís supposed to, it can be very frustrating laying out your design.
  • Accessibility: Back to our perfect world Ė not only would browsers be perfect, but all our viewers would look throughrepparttar 147675 same eyes. Unfortunately, some people arenít blessed with good eyesight or motor skills like you and I. We need to consider that for those who have disabilities, a poorly laid out website can be completely useless. You could ignore that audience, but you would be doing yourself a disservice. And letís not forget, our biggest and most important group of users is completely blind: search engine spiders. They read your websiterepparttar 147676 same way a blind person does. Ifrepparttar 147677 layout of your site isnít logical, a spider may leave and not bother coming back for a long time.
  • Considering these things, I think it is always best to design your web site separate from your print advertising. Always write fresh copy forrepparttar 147678 web, and remember that itís not enough to write great copy once. You need to update your site regularly to keeprepparttar 147679 search engines interested.

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    How to use stylesheets

    Written by Phillip Harrison

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    To do this, includerepparttar following piece of code inside your tags.

    This tellsrepparttar 147622 browser that to displayrepparttar 147623 page withrepparttar 147624 proper formatting to userepparttar 147625 file called stylesheet.css. So any changes you want to make torepparttar 147626 page, you simply editrepparttar 147627 stylesheet.css file, save and then voila! All your pages using that stylesheet have now changed.

    A typical stylesheet might look like this :