Converting Newsletter Readers Into Website Explorers

Written by Mike Morgan

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Sample quiz begins below ============================================================

1. How many ways are there to make change for $1 (US)?

2. In most advertisements, what time is displayed on watches?

3. According to Al Capone's business card, what was his profession?

4. A cat has how many muscles in each ear?

5. Four English words end with "-dous": horrendous, tremendous, stupendous, and ____________?

6. What isrepparttar only English word that ends inrepparttar 124312 letters "-mt"?

7. What isrepparttar 124313 longest one-syllable word inrepparttar 124314 English language?

8. How many ridges are aroundrepparttar 124315 edge of a U.S. dime?

9. How many dimples are on a regulation golf ball?

10. What isrepparttar 124316 only U.S. state with a one-syllable name?

11. What isrepparttar 124317 only known sound that does not produce an echo?

Answers 1. 293 2. 10:10 3. used furniture dealer 4. 32 5. hazardous 6. dreamt 7. screeched 8. 118 9. 336 10. Maine 11. a duck's quack

Mike Morgan is a freelance writer, owner of Bison Creek Author Services , and moderator of Article Post-Short Pieces, for short articles and fillers,

Turn your FREE eZine into a moneymaker, Tip #1

Written by Terry Telford

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