Converting More Free Downloads to Paid Customers

Written by Sean Cohen

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On your thank you page (or redirect page) they are taken to after they fill outrepparttar form you need to provide information on verifying. Verified opt-in allows you to ensure thatrepparttar 137976 person subscribing did so with his or her own email address and didn't provide a fake or malicious email. Letrepparttar 137977 visitor know that they should check their email inbox. Tell them whatrepparttar 137978 subject line ofrepparttar 137979 email says so they know what to look for. Convey that they must click onrepparttar 137980 link inside to verify and receiverepparttar 137981 download link to your product.

Inrepparttar 137982 autoresponder they receive after verifying, give them repparttar 137983 download link. Since they are subscribed to your list and have confirmed thatrepparttar 137984 address they provided is valid you can effectively follow up providing more information about usingrepparttar 137985 free or trial software, training tips, and further benefits or features earned by becoming a customer.

Using these techniques you are sure to increase your sales when converting free downloads to paid customers.

Sean Cohen, Director of Client Relations & Development of Newtown, PA based AWeber Communications, Inc. an opt-in email service provider. With 7 years managing opt-in follow up and newsletters for small businesses.

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E-mail Promotion Internet Marketing Works

Written by Daegan Smith

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The key to a good e-mail promotion Internet marketing strategy is good communications. Be sharp and torepparttar point in your e-mail messages. Make them exciting and compelling. Remember your message may be given only a second or two to make a positive impression sorepparttar 137220 reader will look more. Otherwise, it will probably be deleted as junk mail. Also, donít try to cover everything in one e-mail message. Use two or three to raise interest in your offering. By using interesting copy in your e-mail promotions, you can achieve a significant increase in business.

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