Conventional Putter or Long-Shafted Putter

Written by Steve Mabry

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Your problems won't go away just by buying a belly or long putter. As with all aspects ofrepparttar game, it requires practice. Like anything it takes a lot of work to do extremely well and get to where your mind will totally believe in it.

It is important to get properly fitted for a belly or long putter. You can't just extendrepparttar 137522 shaft of your standard putter and expect it to work right. The head is too light andrepparttar 137523 shaft too flexable. The heads of belly and long putters are much heavier and have special shafts to handlerepparttar 137524 extra length and weight. 

A simple to way to measure for a belly putter is to attach a string with a weight torepparttar 137525 middle arch of a pair of glasses. Takerepparttar 137526 proper address position withrepparttar 137527 ball offrepparttar 137528 left heel or left instep,repparttar 137529 shaft at 90 degrees with the sole ofrepparttar 137530 putter flat onrepparttar 137531 ground andrepparttar 137532 butt touching your belly with medium pressure and see whererepparttar 137533 string hangs. The proper shaft length should putrepparttar 137534 string one inch onrepparttar 137535 inside ofrepparttar 137536 ball.

As alwaysrepparttar 137537 fundamentals still apply, starting with alignment. Alignment must be correct forrepparttar 137538 backstroke and forward stroke to follow. If alignment is bad,repparttar 137539 other two will be bad also. 

Now torepparttar 137540 big question. Should everyone go out and switch to a belly or long putter? NO! If you are a good putter, don't mess with it. In other words, "don't fix what ain't broken." Most players would have a good or at least better stroke if they just allowed it to happen. We get inrepparttar 137541 way by trying to manipulaterepparttar 137542 putter onrepparttar 137543 right path and steering it torepparttar 137544 hole. Just letrepparttar 137545 putter dorepparttar 137546 work. 

Steve is an avid golfer and the owner of The Golf Fanatic. The Golf Fanatic is a source for golf tips, training aids, golf news, and custom fitted clone golf clubs.

How to Wheelie like a pro on a snowboard

Written by Jakob Jelling

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One important thing to keep in mind is that a wheelie will exert a lot more pressure on your snowboard than what you normally would. This means that if you have a defective or damaged snowboard there is a very good chance that you will snap it when practicing. You can reducerepparttar risk of snowboard failure by placing less weight onrepparttar 137515 ends and not raising your snowboard as high offrepparttar 137516 ground.

Wheelies are a fun trick that is not reserved just for rides with wheels. With some practice you will be able to wheelie like a pro on your snowboard and will soon developrepparttar 137517 skills to do other wheelie related tricks.

Jakob Jelling is the founder of Please visit his website to discover the world of snowboarding!

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