Controlling Mold Without Toxic Chemicals

Written by Debra Lynn Dadd

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If you have just a small area of mold, use a hand-held dryer to dry it up in just a few minutes.

You can prevent mold from growing by keeping areas dry. Findrepparttar source of moisture and control it. Mold in an undersink cabinet, for example, may require fixing leaky pipes. Controlling mold in a bathroom may involve installing a small space heater to run after a shower to dry outrepparttar 150565 room, or using a fan forrepparttar 150566 same purpose. No moisture--no mold.

In a closet, hang garments with space between them to allow for air-flow and install a small light, both to dispel darkness and provide a little heat. If you live in a very humid area, a dehumidifier may be necessary.

To remove mold from shower tile or other hard surface, mix borax and water, or vinegar and water, in a spray bottle. Spray it on andrepparttar 150567 mold wipes right off. Borax inhibits mold growth, so wash downrepparttar 150568 walls in your bathroom with a borax solution and just leave it on, or sprinkle borax in damp cabinets underrepparttar 150569 sink. If you need something stronger to remove stubborn mold, use hydrogen peroxide.

Steam cleaners--which clean, sanitize, and deodorize using only hot water--also work great on mold. You can purchase small hand-held steam cleaners inrepparttar 150570 housewares department of discount stores for about $50 or larger units onrepparttar 150571 Internet.

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What Causes Allergies?

Written by Harold Miller

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Low Immune System

If your immune system is too weak to fight offrepparttar allergies, you will end up suffering for a good part ofrepparttar 150564 year. Your immune system may be weak for a couple of reasons. First, if you do not get enough vitamins and minerals your immune system will lose its strength and will become ineffective in fighting allergies and other forms of viruses or infections. Also, your immune system may be low due to mental stress. Mental stress can make you physically weak and cause your body to shut-down. When this happens, your immune system shuts down as well. To strengthen your immune system make sure you get lots of vitamins, eat a healthy diet and avoid stress as much as possible.

Many studies have been done and there is no “one thing” which has been proven to cause allergies. Allergies can be caused by one ofrepparttar 150565 reasons listed above or possibly a combination of many different reasons. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercising, sleeping and eating healthy will all play an important role in avoiding allergy symptoms.

Harold Miller used to suffer from allergies until he took it upon himself to get educated. While Harold still has the occasional bout, he has learned many ways to improve his allergies and as a result enjoys serving as a contributing editor at – a site dedicated to providing information on air purifiers.

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