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Written by Damian Bazadona

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Refreshed Content

When possible, up-daterepparttar content on your site. Ifrepparttar 132087 content is exactlyrepparttar 132088 same asrepparttar 132089 last time that user viewed your site, why should they stay? Furthermore, why should they return again if they believerepparttar 132090 sites content will be exactlyrepparttar 132091 same as when they left. Also, try and be consistent on your up-date schedule. Whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly,repparttar 132092 user knows when to return forrepparttar 132093 sites latest content.

Multiple Deliveries of Content

Offeringrepparttar 132094 content to be deliverable to their email account is a definite luxury that many web site visitors may definitely take advantage of. If you have multiple topics of content, you can offerrepparttar 132095 option to select which topics they are interested in receiving instead of all ofrepparttar 132096 content at once. The key here is to giverepparttar 132097 user control ofrepparttar 132098 content they are seeking.

Feedback to Improve Content

There is no better market research thatrepparttar 132099 insight from your site visitors. Make sure your web site has open channels of communication to allow visitors to let their opinion be heard. As with any web site, you should always respond promptly to suggestions or at least make note that all suggestions will be reviewed and taken into consideration.

Allow Visitors to 'Spread'repparttar 132100 Content

"Recommend a Friend" or "Send this Page" are very good features to have on a web site. It makes it quick and easy for users to spreadrepparttar 132101 word to friends and colleagues. You may also consider inserting a link "Print this Page" to further assist users in displaying your content

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80% of your Web site is Maintenance

Written by Judy Cullins

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Make your Web pages easier to read by using bullets. On my home page I put these questions in bullets:

"Let me help you answer questions about your book" What arerepparttar first steps to writing a great selling book? Will my book attract my desired audience? Will my potential buyers think my book is worthrepparttar 132085 money? Will my books sell enough copies for my satisfaction? Now that it's written, how can I best promote my book?

One great test isrepparttar 132086 size of your paragraphs. In general, keep them short, around 1-4 sentences. Imagine looking at a long line of print before getting torepparttar 132087 meat? Discouraged, you would probably leaverepparttar 132088 page, and possiblyrepparttar 132089 site! Check for passive sentence construction too. Your spell and grammar check gives you those percentages atrepparttar 132090 end. If your sentences are more than 3-4% passive, you need a professional coach to check your copy.

*Test your site layout. Know where people are entering your site and exiting. Many companies out there can give you this counting service. If potential buyers keep leaving at a particular page before they go to products and ordering page, your words deceive you-and some changes are in order. You can track: where your traffic is coming from, what pages visitors like, what page torepparttar 132091 majority of visitors enter and exit, and how long are they there, even which ones signed up for your eNewsletter.

*Test your order process. Ask certain people to run through different parts of your site (show your appreciation by paying them for it with free product or service). Tell them you have a thick skin, and appreciate their honesty. One would-be customer couldn't finishrepparttar 132092 order for one of my teleclasses. It took a lot of effort to get that mistake rectified with some free product. I know a famous eBook author from which I tried and tried to buy a book. I even emailed him about it. He said he didn't take email orders and sent me back to whererepparttar 132093 problem was. It's much better to have all links work, so your customers will have an easy ordering experience.

Know that your job of testing never ends. It's what we call maintenance, 80% of life is maintenance! Just experimenting with these tests will bring more sales. Keep testing to know what your potential buyers really want.

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