Content is King!

Written by Jeremy C. Wright

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Ultimately, there is only so much content on Constant Content right now, as it is a fairly new service. So, what happens if you donít findrepparttar content you like? Well, you can either submit a Request for Content and hope authors help you out, or you can apply to have a piece custom created for you. Sure, youíll pay a premium, but you will also work withrepparttar 131723 author to make surerepparttar 131724 piece is ideal for your project.

Whether you choose to buy content already on Constant Content or get it created just for you, ultimately youíll find what you need, at a great price, delivered with a smile. Constant Content allows you to play to your strengths, without having to worry about allrepparttar 131725 extra hassles.

Authors, Princes Among Men

Being a writer is tough these days. Either you canít figure out what you want to write about, or youíve written tons of stuff that nobodyís buying. After all, we canít all be John Grishamís (nor do most of us want toÖ thoughrepparttar 131726 3 boats wouldnít be bad).

Working with Constant Content has several key advantages, at least in my experience. First, it helped get my name out there. I submitted several articles for free which are now in use on dozens of sites. It gave me exposure, and several times has given me opportunities to write custom content for a decent fee!

The other area Constant Content has helped me is in writing that Iíve just got ďkicking aroundĒ. I havenít sent it to anyone, it isnít published and itís basically just gathering dust. I can submitrepparttar 131727 piece torepparttar 131728 site and just sit back. Sometimes Iíll get purchases fairly quickly. But sometimes nothing will happen for a few months. Somehow thatís even more gratifying. The fact that I can submit content, and have it pay me for years to come isnít a bad deal at all. It feels a bit like some ofrepparttar 131729 royalty checks for book contributions that I get.

Besidesrepparttar 131730 ability to submit free content, Usage content, Unique content and custom content deals, there is one other great thing about Constant Content: referrals. Iíve referred several friends to Constant Content. Every piece they sell, I get 5% for. Yeah, thatís right. Sometimes I wish real world publishing worked like this, because I know a lot of authors. If every time one of my friends got a big signing bonus for a book I got 5%Ö I could practically retire.

You Too Can be King!

While Iíd hate to be really clichť and say Constant Content provides a win-win situation, I really have to. If youíre a webmaster you have access to a growing repository of reasonably priced content. If youíre an author, you have an easy forum to not only let your writing speak for itself, but to make some decent money while youíre at it. Visit Constant Content now at to find out more and to sign up for your account.


The Complete Webmasters Toolkit - 2005 Edition

Written by John Socratous & Reneldy Senat

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No doubt about it. As you can see fromrepparttar above, this software package, beats those bulk fill-in-the-blank generic products, hands down.

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