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Written by Kevin Kantola

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Creating Individualized Title and Meta Tags

Some Content Management Systems suchrepparttar latest release from Hot Banana Software boast full integration with SEO performance such as offering Conversion Tracking tool, Robots.txt and Meta Tag Management. Other CMS's such as is struggling to catch up and offer workarounds to make their system more flexible and SE-friendly. says that their next version (.8 release at this writing) will be fully SEO compliant. Until then, they recommendrepparttar 127888 pnMeta module, which will give control overrepparttar 127889 title, keyword and description tags over an individual page. Dynamically generated meta tag information, however, is not recommended. For more information see:

What Does CMS Mean For SEO's?

Search engine optimization experts and others using SEO techniques will need to work closely with Webmasters and developers who use Content Management Systems on their web properties. This collaborative effort is necessary to insure that URL's are SE-friendly and that unique title and meta tags are severed up for each optimized page. A large website with tons of valuable content, should rank well inrepparttar 127890 search engines according torepparttar 127891 SE's guidelines andrepparttar 127892 CMS technology would do well not to inhibit this, but rather would do well to promote good search engine rankings for large websites.

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New Search Engine Optimization Software

Written by Phil LaBoon

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This software is unlike anything ever created. What makes this SEO software different from others is that it was created by internet marketers for internet marketers. It’srepparttar brainchild of two well-respected members inrepparttar 127887 SEO community and is being used by dozens of smart-minded webmasters who are seeking to bring in more traffic to their web sites and rank better on search engines.

This software works on three levels. First, it brings large amounts of new traffic to sites, via better search engine rankings. Secondly, it protects sites from others by not allowing images to be downloaded. This is done by embedding pictures into a secure format and loweringrepparttar 127888 file size of all images. Finally, this embedding frees up bandwidth, savingrepparttar 127889 user hundreds of dollars on hosting bills every month.

”After uploadingrepparttar 127890 software, I noticed a huge spike in traffic and better ranking for many of my keywords in just a few days …” -- Joy A., Customer ###

Phil LaBoon has been doing SEO for companies for several years and has finanlly developed his own software that not only increases traffic but lowers file sizes and protects pictures as well/

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