Content Generation for the new search engine and searcher

Written by Mick Sawyer

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I have considered what constities good copy and integrated what i have learned withrepparttar modern lifestyle which is much shorter on time than 30 years ago whenrepparttar 139215 book i bought was first published.

The modern attentian span is much shorter than it was inrepparttar 139216 past and i integrate this into my articles and writing by makingrepparttar 139217 blocks of text a lot smaler than is reccommended in books of yesteryear and it is more or a bite size chunk now.

One ofrepparttar 139218 things i do notice is thatrepparttar 139219 modern reader and typer no longer needs to haverepparttar 139220 full amount of letters inrepparttar 139221 words and as an example you are now free to use m8 instead of mate which has been used forrepparttar 139222 last few decades.

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Should You Use Testimonials When You Create A Web Site?

Written by Herb and Monica Leibacher

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3. Identifyrepparttar person givingrepparttar 138958 testimonial Ideally, use a full name and title, not something generic like "Happy Customer". Also, you get bonus credibility if you put real contact information so your web site visitor can actually reachrepparttar 138959 person givingrepparttar 138960 testimonial. Usually,repparttar 138961 visitor won't bother, but they want to know that they could contact that real person and confirmrepparttar 138962 story.

4. Put testimonials throughout your web site It is OK to have one page with all your testimonials, but you can't guarantee that a visitor to your web site will go to that page. Put one or two testimonials on each page throughout your web site.

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