Contacting a Celebrex Law Firm The Best Medicine

Written by Dave Hoffman

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It has been said that too often people file for compensation, seeking, it would seem, to placerepparttar responsibility for their own life choices upon some faceless corporation. Of course eating too much McDonald's food will make you fat, eating too much of anything will. Butrepparttar 150600 case of Celebrex is not one of insufficient responsibility - it is simply a matter of a trusted pharmaceutical company who gave to long suffering patients a holy grail. Arthritis patients eagerly and trustingly took Celebrex, hoping for an end to their daily difficulties, only to discover that their health had been further compromised. For many, contacting a Celebrex law firm is not a case of simply getting some financial recompense - though many will need this money in order to cope with future medical bills - but simply to stand up and say this: we trusted you, and you let us down. This will be a kind of medicine in itself.

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Congress Considers National Data Privacy Law

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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Will It Pass?

The new legislation has a very good chance of becoming federal law. Sponsored by two Republicans and two Democrats,repparttar bill appears to have bipartisan support. Avoidingrepparttar 150517 vicious partisan politics on Capital Hill is halfrepparttar 150518 battle for any legislation.

Corporate America also appears to be getting behindrepparttar 150519 bill. Although this might seem surprising at first, there is a good reason. States including California, Washington and Georgia have already enacted similar laws, but each requires different actions. A federal law, however, will trump all ofrepparttar 150520 state laws and create a uniform requirement for businesses. From a practical standpoint, Corporate America would prefer one standard instead of many.

The new bipartisan legislation is a welcome step inrepparttar 150521 effort to fight identity theft. Many more steps, however, will be required. You should continue to closely review your credit card statements and credit reports for any unauthorized charges.

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