Contact Lenses or Lasik Surgery - Which is the right choice for you?

Written by Peter Smithson

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It is not uncommon for patients to experience blurriness for a day or two following, but most patients notice an immediate (if not profound) change in their vision whenrepparttar surgery is over.

Laser surgery isn't a guarantee of correction. However, doctors, as well as your own optometrist can never promise 20/20 vision atrepparttar 143647 surgery's completion. You may still need some form of corrective lenses. Laser surgery is a popular and viable alternative when compared torepparttar 143648 lifetime investment inrepparttar 143649 cost of new corrective eyewear every two or three years.

Ultimately,repparttar 143650 procedure is not a guaranteed. The decision to continue with contact lenses or try laser corrective surgery is up to you and your doctor. The surgery has proven successful for hundreds of patients, but contact lenses are less expensive inrepparttar 143651 immediate time frames and don't involve surgery or lasers. Check out your options. Consult your optometrist and decide which option might berepparttar 143652 best for you. =========================================================== Discover important advice and information about contact lenses. Are soft or hard best ? What'srepparttar 143653 best cleaning solutions ? For a comprehensive guide, Click

Peter has worn contact lenses all his life. He's tested different types, and explored all alternatives. In this series of articles he shares his advice and experiences.

Do You Have "Excuse-itis" When Looking for a Job?

Written by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

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The continuing withdrawal from looking for a job is close to a mental impediment, which can lead to depression, illness, anger, alcohol indulgence, etc.

Now what canrepparttar hapless job seeker do except to hide? The best of all ways is to take action, regardless ofrepparttar 143044 big, bad word of rejection. There might be many "We're not hiring" or "We've hired someone else".

There will be a yes: "You're hired!", in time. Patience, too, is better than "excuse-itis".

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