Consumer Research Continues To Prove The Same Things

Written by Maitiu MacCabe

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Even among professional buyers money is notrepparttar most important issue. In a survey conducted byrepparttar 149117 Marketing Institute of Ireland in March 2001, professional buyers ranked Price/Value at number three behind Quality and Service.

Does it surprise you that Value is still only ranked number four, even in tighter economic times? Price isrepparttar 149118 amount you pay, Value is what you get forrepparttar 149119 money. Butrepparttar 149120 human values of help and friendliness still rule.

And I believe that ifrepparttar 149121 research had been carried out among buyers exposed to a tele-sales or ďexternalĒ selling environment, thatrepparttar 149122 results would not vary to any great extent.

Time perhaps, if you feel you work in a price sensitive sector, to re-evaluate how you are delivering onrepparttar 149123 real criteria that your buyers are applying to their purchasing decisions.

And Keep Selling With Integrity.


Maitiu MacCabe is the CEO of Great Expectations Coaching, a Dublin, Ireland, based coaching practice. Visit: Great Expectations Coaching Home pagefor a wide range of articles related to personal selling and business matters. Read Maitiuís Sales Blog here

11 Powerful Methods of Sales Lead Generation

Written by Jim Klein

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Mass mailing

Also known as direct marketing. Successful used of this method requires mailing a well written sales letter to a targeted mailing list.


Pay attention torepparttar local news, business and announcements sections. Look forrepparttar 149077 people who get promoted, have babies, buy and sell homes and start up new businesses. There may be leads here for your product or service.

Email publications

Getting email addresses of past and current clients, your sphere of influence and any one else you come in contact with is a great way to keep in touch.


Most everyone has a barber or hairstylist they use on a regular basis. When ever Iím inrepparttar 149078 chairrepparttar 149079 conversation covers a variety of topics.

Offer them a $1 for every card they pass out or motivate them even more by offering a percentage ofrepparttar 149080 sale that result from their referral.

Iíve even picked up business myself while getting my haircut. Keep your ears and eyes open at all times.

Daily Contacts

Every day when you leaverepparttar 149081 house take twenty business cards with you and make it a point to give them away. Thatís twenty cards times five work days. If youíre really ambitious, do it on Saturday and Sunday also.

When youíre looking to generate lots of quality sales leadsrepparttar 149082 more lines you have inrepparttar 149083 waterrepparttar 149084 more fish youíre apt to catch.

These are all effective methods of sales lead generation and should be used regularly.

The title says 11 methods of sales lead generation, however, if you count there are only ten. Thatís because I gaverepparttar 149085 best and most effective method its own page and isrepparttar 149086 topic of my new book. If you effectively work this method you will soon find you have more business than you can handle.

Jim Klein is the owner of From The Heart Sales Training . He helps sales professionals attract new clients, close more sales and generate an abundance of referrals so they can increase their income and enjoy life more.

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