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Written by Lynella Grant

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Recent research by The Kelsey Group show that 70% userepparttar Internet to make local buying decisions. And nowadays, 36% of search engine queries request local search results. That meansrepparttar 143793 person includes a geographic term in their search engine query. For example, a query with: “employee benefit consultant” + Denver only listsrepparttar 143794 small pool of appropriate Denver providers.

Every consultant needs to make sure their information appears in local search queries, . The trend toward local search is growing quickly. Businesses can easily be left out—which makes them unfindable by online searchers. Who can afford to miss 70% of their client base? Having your own website isn’t necessary — but still helpful for a variety of reasons.

Potential Clients will Check You Out Online

Surveys reveal that over half of respondents consider search engines a better source of buying information than Yellow Pages, newspapers or magazines. When someone enters your name or company into Google (in quotes), what comes up?

It helps if your name is unusual. If not, follow up with “search within results” for a qualifier term (like your specialty, “employee benefits”) to find your cites.

In just a few moments, searchers get a picture of your professional standing and scope of recognition. They’re likely to be swayed by what they see. Who mentions you, and what are they saying? What kinds of links come to your website? If you’ve been publishing articles, they’ll also show up — enhancing your credibility and incoming links.

In my own case, a Google search for my name showed about 100 cites before I started article promotions. Now that’s well over 3,000. So many cites boosted my website traffic and Page Rank as well.

If you haven’t gone “ego surfing” on Google for mentions of your name, you should. Becauserepparttar 143795 public will. Make sure there’s plenty of stuff for them to find that does you proud.

--Dr. Lynella Grant Consultant and Author - Promote yourself, business, website, or book with online articles Free how-to. Or let me write and submit your articles online for you. No learning curves (719) 395-9450

Turn Your eBay Experience Into Even More Profit

Written by Mark Kenny

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As eBay itself says "Want to sell your stuff on eBay but don't haverepparttar time? Let a Trading Assistant do it for you? Trading Assistants are experienced eBay Sellers who will sell your items on eBay for a fee."

eBay has just four requirements in order to register as an official trading assistant. These are:

- You've sold four items withinrepparttar 143792 last 30 days - Feedback above 50 - 97% of your feedback should be positive - eBay account in good standing

Looking atrepparttar 143793 list it's not to hard to register as a trading assistant. As long as eBay have your billing method on file and you pay your fees on time, allrepparttar 143794 other requirements are easily obtainable.

Inrepparttar 143795 US, there are hundreds of eBay Trading Assistant Drop off stores. These are stores where you drop off your item and they sell them on eBay for you typically charging up to 33% ofrepparttar 143796 item value. Some even charge up to 50% ofrepparttar 143797 value. Inrepparttar 143798 UK there are just two drop off stores that are instantly findable. There may be others available but I couldn't find them doing a quick search. I truly believe that inrepparttar 143799 UK these stores will start to open up and expand overrepparttar 143800 next few years. Now'srepparttar 143801 time to get involved so register as a Trading Assistant today and start using eBay to its maximum potential.

Mark Kenny is an online entrepreneur who specialises in developing turnkey websites including a new eBay Trading Assistants website. You can see this at:

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