Conscious Living

Written by Diana Kennedy, LMT

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For me, an aspect of conscious living is getting in touch with what brings me joy. When I followrepparttar beat of my own inner drummer, so to speak, I know that I am onrepparttar 122083 path to conscious living, and not just doing what everyone else thinks I should do! Mythologist Joseph Campbell says, "If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there allrepparttar 122084 while, waiting for you, andrepparttar 122085 life that you ought to be living isrepparttar 122086 one you are living.... If you are following your bliss, you are enjoying that refreshment, that life within you, allrepparttar 122087 time." Experiencing bliss is being attentive torepparttar 122088 underlying beauty and meaning found in life, no matter whatrepparttar 122089 circumstances.

Another way I live consciously is through my use of intention. I’ve been usingrepparttar 122090 power of intention ever since I learned aboutrepparttar 122091 teachings of Abraham-Hicks found at over eight years ago. I see working with intention as being a sort of traffic cop for energy, directing it, and using my focused awareness to bring about positive change in my life and inrepparttar 122092 world around me.

My use of intention has broughtrepparttar 122093 right people into my life at justrepparttar 122094 right time; helped me move into seeing all my work as spiritual, allowed me to develop divine relationships; and helped me to gain a greater sense of well-being. I feel empowered in my life seeing where my intentions have led me!

I can really seerepparttar 122095 difference in my life just since January when I setrepparttar 122096 intention to live more consciously! There is so much beauty and love to see when I slow down enough to be mindful. One intention that has manifested for me isrepparttar 122097 opportunity to study with spiritual gurus! I’ve been attending international pyschic Kelly Powers’ classes on mindfulness andrepparttar 122098 use of intuition (I highly recommend his work, you can visit his site at

Through spending time inrepparttar 122099 silence, following my bliss and using positive intention, I am able to connect with life like I’ve never done before. I look forward torepparttar 122100 rest of my life unfolding in a way that helps me to continue to grow and serve in love and do it consciously!

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Adages for the New Year

Written by Sam Stevens

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A bird inrepparttar hand is definitely NOT worth two inrepparttar 122082 bush. A bird inrepparttar 122083 hand is worth about $2.99 a pound! I also think "crime doesn't pay" should be revised to read, "Crime does pay, especially if you are a politician." I would like to also suggest some new adages that are more appropriate forrepparttar 122084 21st century: "Lips that taste wine, shall never touch mine" should be changed to "Lips that taste wine shall never die from a heart attack." Longing forrepparttar 122085 pre-Plague era? How about: "Let's putrepparttar 122086 promise back in promiscuity." How about "A Rolling Stone gathers no taxes, (especially if they relocate to Switzerland).” "Do unto others as you would have them do onto you unless you are a sadist." "A Fool and his furniture are soon parted, especially if there is no downpayment for a year!" After observingrepparttar 122087 neighbor acrossrepparttar 122088 way, I also came up "Fools who live in glass houses should not strut around naked in front ofrepparttar 122089 window after a shower." "There's no fool like an old fool" should be replaced with "age and treachery outwits beauty and youth every time." In these conscientious times, Make Love Not War' would have to be changed to "Make Love Wearingrepparttar 122090 Appropriate Contraception not War. I've always thought that saying "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread" makes more sense in reverse. "Angels rush in where even fools fear to tread...” I am thinking about firefighters, policeman, charitable workers, Greenpeace and other angels on earth. One ofrepparttar 122091 only adages that makes sense to me isrepparttar 122092 Chinese one "The Bigger The Front,repparttar 122093 Biggerrepparttar 122094 back." Think about it, it makes sense. I am also fond ofrepparttar 122095 old Jamaican adage "Cat Don't Make No Dog." Well unless you factor in bioengineering in which case it is possible that a cat can make a dog. After all "With God, Anything is Possible and that is What I Am Afraid Of."

Sam Steven's metaphysical articles have been published in many high-standing newspapers and she has published several books. You can meet Sam Stevens at where she works as a professional psychic. You can also read more of her articles at where she is the staff writer. Currently she is studying technology's impact on the metaphysics.

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