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Written by Clare Lawrence

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2) Good selection of keywords and appropriate use of them within your copy text. Not too heavy so as to be overdone, not too light otherwiserepparttar search engines may miss-interpretrepparttar 128110 theme of your site.

3) Correct use of links, from related on their web pages. The morerepparttar 128111 better.

4) Inclusion in directories such as DMOZ ,Yahoo, allthebizz,

5) Correct meta tags are of less importance, but still worth getting right.

If you followrepparttar 128112 above then you can expect to see respectable rating in 3-6 months time.

Remember good rankings take, time and hard work be patience.

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How to Acquire One Way Inbound Links.

Written by Salihu Ibrahim

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3. Another way to build your one way inbound link is to participate intensively in newsgroups and discussion forums. By making good and valuable contributions (postings) you establish yourself as an expert. Always try to be different and stand out. Others will see this and check out your profile. This will lead them to check out your site and eventually link to it. If signature files are allowed inrepparttar forum use a well-crafted signature file that will pull forum members to your site

4. Enter your site for an award at award sites. If your site is selected for an award, a link is placed to your site and this increases your one way inbound links.

5. You could also acquire one way inbound links by offering to provide testimonials for products you have purchased. Sendrepparttar 128109 manufacturer ofrepparttar 128110 product or service an email offering to provide a testimonial at his site or sales page in return for a link back to your site.

6. Submit your site to directories. Especially, niche or specialist directories. Regional directories are also okay. Submitting your site to specialist directories gives your site a greater chance of being picked up byrepparttar 128111 search engines than when you submit to a general directory. Also consider paying for submission to some important directories. For a fee, these directories will index your site in their database within two to five business days. For a list of search engines and directories you can submit to for free and for a fee go to

7. Consider hiring a link building company to do your link popularity campaign for you. One of such company is For a fee they will guarantee a certain number of quality one way inbound links to your site. This might be expensive butrepparttar 128112 investment will surely pay off with traffic from free search engines.

8. You can offer a discount to webmaster on services you provide at your site in return for a link from their sites.

9. If you have goods or services for sale consider setting up an affiliate program. This is a very good way of rapidly building your link prominence. Make sure your affiliate software is hosted on your server. This ensures that your affiliates' links point back to your site . Using an affiliate service will most likely mean affiliate links will be pointing at their server, thereby depriving you of links. One very good affiliate software is ASSOTRAC.

Some points to note when building one way inbound links.

Your link popularity increases as websites link to you. However, it must be said that it is notrepparttar 128113 number butrepparttar 128114 quality ofrepparttar 128115 links that is important. That is, emphasis should be on quality and not quantity. Not all links are equal. Some are more favored (carry more weight) than others. Some ofrepparttar 128116 things to keep in mind when carrying out inbound links are;

1. Look for quality sites to acquire links from. A link from Dmoz or Yahoo has more weight than one from a small private web site. Submit to free or paid listings in important directories.

2. The way other sites link to you is very important. Try as much as possible, to see that your keywords are inrepparttar 128117 text link that is linking to you and not your domain name. With your keywords inrepparttar 128118 text link it portrays your site as an authority site forrepparttar 128119 keyword.

3. Acquire links from complementary sites. Sites that are inrepparttar 128120 same industry as yours, but are not your competitors. Links from these type of sites have more weight than from those that are not related to your site.

4. Links from specialist or niche directories also carry more weight than those from less important general directories and your links are easier to find byrepparttar 128121 search engines. When submitting to directories, especially for a fee, be sure to choose a relevant category that is not deep down inrepparttar 128122 directory. Your listing should be at most three clicks away fromrepparttar 128123 home page ofrepparttar 128124 directory. Some engines will not spider deep down.

5. If you have several websites, link them together in such a way thatrepparttar 128125 links are one way inbound links, and not reciprocal links. Also don't sharerepparttar 128126 same IP address forrepparttar 128127 sites. Allrepparttar 128128 sites should have unique IPs. This you can ensure by using a different host for each web site.


Acquiring one way inbound links isrepparttar 128129 future of link popularity. Soonerrepparttar 128130 search engines will recognizerepparttar 128131 artificial nature of reciprocal linking in judging authority sites and will discount this in their algorithm or award less points (weight) to reciprocal links. The methods listed above in acquiring one way inbound links are basic, must do actions for every webmaster wishing to stay long atrepparttar 128132 top ofrepparttar 128133 search engines.

The author has been earning his living online since 2000. For comprehensive home base business ideas check out one of his sites at There you will find solid, easy-to-do strategies for building a successful home base business.

The author has been earning his living online since 2000. For comprehensive home base business ideas check out one of his sites at There you will find solid, easy-to-do strategies for building a successful home base business.

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