Connecting Chicago and the Image of the Virgin Mary

Written by Roger Wright

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With Veeck there to join in it was most certainly a party now and in Chicago there was just so much music to swirl up from all these winds---Muddy Waters yieldedrepparttar stage in this street shrine to an elf of a man who reached to about John Coltrane’s waist---Steve Goodman walks up to Coltrane and says, “Hey, how’srepparttar 135409 weather up there.?” And once again a miracle. Coltrane laughs! Then Goodman strums:

“The streetlights are on in Chicago tonight And lovers are gazin at stars The stores are all closing and Daley is dozing Andrepparttar 135410 fat man is counting his cars!”

And whenrepparttar 135411 crowd gets torepparttar 135412 chorus of “Lincoln Park Pirates” (He, hey blow um away! The Lincoln Park Pirates are we! A new line forms underneath that bridge withrepparttar 135413 Virgin onrepparttar 135414 wall: and a parade begins to form!

Deep underrepparttar 135415 Kennedy Expressway above: every single St Patrick’s Day Parade---allrepparttar 135416 politicians, allrepparttar 135417 floats. Allrepparttar 135418 marching bands. It’s a parade!

And onrepparttar 135419 reviewing stand—there he stands---The Mayor. Richard J Daley! Look him straight inrepparttar 135420 eye and allrepparttar 135421 political power is no where to be found. Look him straight inrepparttar 135422 eye and what do you see? You see a kid. A great big kid who gets to watch a parade!

Nowrepparttar 135423 place is jammed!

The parade marches thru then back then around every square inch of that underpass withrepparttar 135424 Virgin onrepparttar 135425 wall. But just when you think it is about to wind down---still another voice. This one lifts uprepparttar 135426 corn fields of Iowa,repparttar 135427 woods of Wisconsin,repparttar 135428 rich farmland of southern Illinois,repparttar 135429 pure crystal tones and unlimited range of Bonnie Koloc joining those who come before with those here now. She sings

“I’ve got to believe In all my love songs”

And as that voice soars up and out encompassing everything and everyone who even thought about what was going on underneathrepparttar 135430 expressway next torepparttar 135431 image ofrepparttar 135432 Virgin Mary---Bonnie Koloc gives way to a voice who’s origin is now off with Coltrane. Fromrepparttar 135433 very deepest part ofrepparttar 135434 faith, fromrepparttar 135435 very kernel ofrepparttar 135436 faith, a gospel sound of Mahalia Jackson:

“We are travelin inrepparttar 135437 footsteps Of those who come before And we’ll all be re-united.”

Then she is surrounded by Pops Staples, Mavis Staples and her sisters there too

Oh whenrepparttar 135438 saint Go marchin in Oh whenrepparttar 135439 saints go marchin in!

And as they all parade together, swirling in and aroundrepparttar 135440 expressway underpass, dancing Chicago spirits all, it isrepparttar 135441 same song,repparttar 135442 same “Whenrepparttar 135443 Saints Go Marchin In” segued over torepparttar 135444 Weavers, a crazy haired Woody Guthrie marching along right next to Pete Seeger, Fred Hellerman, Lee Hays, and Look, there’s Win Strache up leading everyone who ever even thought about picking up a guitar atrepparttar 135445 Old Town School of Folk Music. . . .

Some say this world of trouble Isrepparttar 135446 only world we’ll know. . But we’ll all be re-united. .

All hands clapping nowrepparttar 135447 music andrepparttar 135448 words just resounding! That white haired crazy man inrepparttar 135449 fedora---Saul Bellow right inrepparttar 135450 middle of it all still writing, drawing out some grand idea. Royko holding a softball, looking for a game.

Pete Seeger leadsrepparttar 135451 crowd!

Oh whenrepparttar 135452 saints! Go marchin in!

Pete and Woody having sleptrepparttar 135453 previous night on kitchen floor ofrepparttar 135454 grey haired, stooped over man inrepparttar 135455 red checkered shirt who comes along atrepparttar 135456 end of this parade. . .the last man inrepparttar 135457 line. . .

Studs Terkel walks over to where Obdulia is praying, cocks his head and smiles, then he walks torepparttar 135458 east, out from underneath whererepparttar 135459 Kennedy Expressway crosses over Fullerton Parkway, Studs Terkel walks intorepparttar 135460 light ofrepparttar 135461 sun coming up overrepparttar 135462 lake torepparttar 135463 east---waves his arm motioning us all inside underneath that bridge and in that grizzled old voice of time and what’s best about Chicago, Studs Terkel, says:

C’mon in. Join us!

Roger Wright can be found on the blog Church Food Chicago.

Fall of a Nation

Written by Rev.Anthony Smith

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against God, and is standing alone inrepparttar world asrepparttar 135356 only super power. All nations are turning against America and she now is alone to facerepparttar 135357 judgment of God. Babylonrepparttar 135358 great harlot, that has maderepparttar 135359 nations ofrepparttar 135360 world drunken with her power and influence and abundance is becoming a nation of indifference, her power is failing, she cannot defend her own boarders, her wealth is dwindelling and her influence has fallen. False religions are created everywhere , marring and giving in marriage, man with man, woman with woman, and no end in sight. Is Americarepparttar 135361 spiritual Babylon?, or is there another withrepparttar 135362 same power that she holds,repparttar 135363 influence. The world has for some time now looked at Babylonrepparttar 135364 city of Iraq, for answers. Yes Sadam Husain was rebuilding it, but that wasrepparttar 135365 physical Babylon andrepparttar 135366 scripture is speaking of Babylonrepparttar 135367 great whore.Is Rome Babylon? Unlikely, Tiberius of Rome inrepparttar 135368 days after Christ was crucified, stated that Rome wasrepparttar 135369 center of all hypocrisy, lust, greed and whoredom.So where does that leave us, America. Jeremiah stated that God would have healed Babylon but she was not willing. Could I be wrong, maby, but here we have a chance to look into our selves to evaluate our faith and trust in God. A chance to look intorepparttar 135370 past to search outrepparttar 135371 future. I have noticed that sometimes ,when confronted withrepparttar 135372 truth or a different interpretation, many scholars resist and deneighrepparttar 135373 interpretation. But we must start look atrepparttar 135374 scripture a little closer to seek outrepparttar 135375 truth, while we still can. Why is this so important forrepparttar 135376 church to discuss ? Because all these things are tied intorepparttar 135377 coming rapture ofrepparttar 135378 church, Jesus said, “when you see all these things come to pass, know thatrepparttar 135379 end is near, even atrepparttar 135380 door.” I believe not only are we nearrepparttar 135381 door but Christ may even have His hand onrepparttar 135382 door uponrepparttar 135383 walls of Babylon{guards at air ports, train stations, power plants,coast guard, F.B.I., C.I.A.}, makerepparttar 135384 watch strong,{National alert system}, set uprepparttar 135385 watch men, prepairrepparttar 135386 ambushers, {9-11}, forrepparttar 135387 Lord hath both devised and done that which he spake knob. Last of all lets look at Jer. 51:12, “ Setrepparttar 135388 standard againstrepparttar 135389 inhabitants of Babylon” I wanted to give you something to think about, to awakenrepparttar 135390 Bride of Christ, do not sleep, as those that sleep, but awaken unto rightiouness.Be sober and not drunken, for a time is coming, for a , fall of a nation.


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