Congratulations--You're Human!

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

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But guess what? It isn't necessarily our brain chemistry that needs attention. It's our lifestyles, our choices, andrepparttar fact that we are ignoringrepparttar 132523 major issues in our lives.

Here's a thought: look at your feelings of disconnection as a welcome warning sign. Feel grateful that you are astute enough to notice!

Celebraterepparttar 132524 fact that you have paid attention. It's easy to ignore, to mask, or to medicate these signs of imbalance. If you choose to acknowledge your feelings, you are WAY ahead ofrepparttar 132525 game.

Excellent humans use their MINDS. Use yours. Follow your own life philosophy as a road map to excellence.

It's your duty--and your privilege--as a thinker.

Maya Talisman Frost is a mind masseuse. As a teacher, facilitator and mediator, she has been helping others engage their formidable frontal lobes since 1983. Her popular course, "Massage Your Mind!: Defining Your Life Philosophy", has inspired thinkers in over 60 countries around the world. Her free weekly e-zine, the Friday Mind Massage, is designed to ease you into a thoughtful weekend. To subscribe, visit today. Thanks for thinking!

An Open Letter To The People of Afghanistan and Iraq

Written by Ed Howes

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Strong men always try to destroyrepparttar wise men. Whenrepparttar 132520 wise men organize,repparttar 132521 people stand with them and no strong man can conquer them. If you choose this system, you will not end up with a strong central government of any kind, no matter whatrepparttar 132522 servants of Mystery Babylon would give you. Strong central governments are tools of oppressors fromrepparttar 132523 beginning. They arerepparttar 132524 enemies of free people everywhere. They seek only to enslave others. These governments are enslaved to money, worship it, and serve those who issue and hold it, often inrepparttar 132525 name of God. Do not be deceived, as we have been deceived.

Water is your future. Respect and protect it. Not only will it clean your bodies and homes, it will help you feed yourselves and others when food is hard to find, all over this world, as it soon will be. Not only will water feed and clean you; it will soon provide you with cheap, clean power to run your machines. It will generate cheap electricity in every neighborhood, village and city. It is worth far more thanrepparttar 132526 gold, silver and precious stones of Mystery Babylon.

Protect your water today and you will never need wires all over your land to have electricity everywhere; although others want to do just that for you. They want you to pay them for your electricity forever. As you wait to get your power from water, get small amounts of electricity from solar panels, wind generators and water turbines or even gasoline-powered generators.

Once you have enough electricity to run a computer and satellite connection torepparttar 132527 Internet,repparttar 132528 wisdom ofrepparttar 132529 world will be at your fingertips. Your and your children's education will cost only time and effort. You will not need any industry beyond energy. Any industry you desire can be created with cheap energy.

Look to your elders, traditions, food and water for your health. Then look torepparttar 132530 Internet and allrepparttar 132531 new things being learned and shared about cures for disease and health. Avoid expensive, manufactured medicine whenever you can, and look forrepparttar 132532 cheaper, natural remedies. The West is just now learning this wisdom and they destroy their health for their lack of wisdom.

Let every able adult have whatever weapons they choose and see to their training on a regular basis. Weapons inrepparttar 132533 hands ofrepparttar 132534 people are your strongest guarantee of freedom. It isrepparttar 132535 only reason any American can pretend to be free. Each hasrepparttar 132536 power to resist central governments that enslave. Few resist, but because they can resist at any time, governments and invaders must considerrepparttar 132537 wishes ofrepparttar 132538 people.

You have seen with your own eyes that you do not need an Army, Air Force or Navy to deal with invaders. Why wasterepparttar 132539 moneyrepparttar 132540 big weapons cost? Invest in small arms, food, water, energy and education.

Each of you survivors is worth more than allrepparttar 132541 gold, silver, and precious stones of Mystery Babylon. Love each other. Help each other, andrepparttar 132542 world will rejoice in your wisdom.



A freelance writer published on many websites and newspapers.

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