Congratulations! You’ve Gotten Visitors to your Site! Now, can they find what they're looking for?

Written by Robin Nobles

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But why did FreeFind stand out amongrepparttar others, and why was it so important to me to wait until they could index password- protected areas? FreeFind offers some features that I couldn't find on other onsite search engines, features that would help me tremendously with my work.

For example:

* FreeFind will automatically create a What's New page, after you've any changes torepparttar 128035 site. Just think of how much help that will be for me with my training material? Between my two programs (beginning and advanced), I have over 1000 resource pages to update every single month, and I've been creatingrepparttar 128036 "What's New" page by hand. Now, it's automatically created for me.

* FreeFind isrepparttar 128037 only onsite search engine that enables your visitors to findrepparttar 128038 page they're looking for, then keeps an eye on it for any changes. Their ChangeDetection (tm) monitoring system lets your users monitor a page for content changes, then notifies them whenrepparttar 128039 page is changed. If you set up this engine on your own site, it will build traffic by turning casual, one- time visitors into repeat and loyal visitors who return again and again to look at changes made torepparttar 128040 page that are of particular interest to them.

* FreeFind will automatically create a Site Map of your site. This Site Map is an alphabetical listing ofrepparttar 128041 pages on your site. The Site Map will be even more valuable to you if you have a regular, non-password protected site, because it will giverepparttar 128042 Web search engines a page of links to spider.

* FreeFind will search across several domains. So, if your company has numerous domains, your onsite search engine will cover each of those domains, without having to set up separate engines.

In Conclusion

Look closely at your site. Is it time to add an onsite search engine? Is it time to make sure visitors can find exactly what they're looking for when they land on your site? Are you losing customers who get lost and can't find what they want?

FreeFind ( is an excellent onsite search engine that met my exact needs. However, to be fair, and because this article isn't meant to be an advertisement for FreeFind, here are some other onsite engines that you may want to consider. Look closely at their features, and findrepparttar 128043 one that works best for you.

Other Onsite Search Engines



A listing of numerous onsite search tools: ools ools.html

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WebPosition Release v2.0 and Reject Reporting Issues

Written by Kalena Jordan

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As far as our sales, they remain strong and demand forrepparttar product remains strong. Businesses with an on-line presence have a significant need to track and improve their search rankings. That is not a need that is likely to change anytime soon. Onlyrepparttar 128034 methodology and techniques to improve visibility onrepparttar 128035 engines have changed overrepparttar 128036 years and will continue to change. We'll continue to updaterepparttar 128037 product to accommodate that. Question 6 (WR) - Is there any scope for arrangements with search engines that allow your software limited access to their servers in a restricted reporting capacity, similar to Overture's recent 3rd Party provider agreement with Bid Management Software companies? (BW) We already have formal affiliate agreements with many major engines including Overture, FindWhat, Looksmart, Bay9, Ah-Ha,, and others. It is our goal to work withrepparttar 128038 search engines whenever possible and reach mutually beneficial agreements. We approached Google last year, sending over half a dozen letters and faxes to various VP's in their organization. We offered practical proposals to create a more mutually beneficial relationship. Eventually we gave up onrepparttar 128039 matter when their VP continued to fail to get back with us as promised. It does not appear to be a high priority issue at Google right now from what I can tell. Question 7 (WR) - Do you have any exciting new features you plan to add to future WPG releases? (BW) We always have many features we'd like to add. However, we're focusing our efforts right now on finishingrepparttar 128040 long-anticipated version 2 and making sure allrepparttar 128041 features included in it work really well. We may not bang out a major new upgrade every six months because we focus a great deal of effort to refiningrepparttar 128042 product to work as advertised. Many companies focus on including every bell and whistle underrepparttar 128043 sun, whether it has value or not, and then invest little time to fixing bugs reported by customers. This can be maddening as a consumer and a huge time-waster if you buy a whiz-bang great product and then do nothing but waste time trying to battle crashes, lock ups, etc. In our case, we are so serious about producing a quality product that we offer up to $50 bug bounties to customers for beingrepparttar 128044 first to find and report a problem. (These are credits good forrepparttar 128045 purchase of an upgrade, knowledge base subscription, or other product). It should also be kept in mind that we updaterepparttar 128046 product weekly if not more often so our technology is never standing still between major upgrades. We also prefer to give customers new features and updates for free rather than trying to stick them with a new paid upgrade every six to eight months. With version 2, we'll be continuing our policy of free product support. Much of our competition offers no phone support, or charges $50 or more per call. We're also striving to maintain average e-mail response times at 24 hours or less. This has always been a priority issue for me since I've personally been onrepparttar 128047 receiving end of bad customer support many times. I promised myself to run things differently when I founded this company ten years ago. ------------------------------

Web Rank would like to thank Brent Winters for takingrepparttar 128048 time to respond to our questions. If you have additional questions about WebPosition Gold as a result of reading this interview, please visitrepparttar 128049 links below, or email WebPosition support staff via If you'd like to trialrepparttar 128050 Beta version of WPG v2.0 please download it fromrepparttar 128051 link below.

More: (home page) (outline of features in v2.0) ------------------------------

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Article by Kalena Jordan, CEO of Web Rank. Kalena was one of the first search engine optimization experts in Australia & New Zealand and is well known and respected in her field. For more of her articles on search engine ranking and online marketing, please visit

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