Configuring Email Addresses

Written by Stephen Cope

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Set up for new ISP

DISplay Name: steve

Email Address:

Reply address:

Notice that in either caserepparttar reply address isrepparttar 148797 same and it is your lifetime or permanent address. Anyone replying to email from you will reply torepparttar 148798 reply address ( You will need then to make arrangements with your email address provider to forward this email to your new mailbox.

Email Forwarding

Email forwarding allows you to continue to use an existing email address e.g. an email account provided by your lifetime email address provider regardless of which ISP (Internet service provider) you use.

If we continuerepparttar 148799 example of oldISP and newISP then any email messages that are sent to need to be forwarded to eitherrepparttar 148800 oldISP address orrepparttar 148801 newISP address


Your ISP or email provider is oldISp your email address and physical mailbox is

You arrange withrepparttar 148802 lifetime email address provider (usually you do it yourself through a control panel) to forward email sent to to your mailbox


You then decide to change your ISP or email provider to newISp your new email address and physical mailbox is now

You now arrange withrepparttar 148803 lifetime email address provider (usually you do it yourself through a control panel) to forward email sent to to your mailbox

Catch-All Email Addresses

A catch all address is a special case of email forwarding. With a catch all email address then all email sent to will be forwarded to a single mailbox.> Mailbox1 -----> Mailbox1 -----> Mailbox1

When retrieving email you only need to connect to mailbox1 to retrieve email sent to any ofrepparttar 148804 addresses.

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3 proven ways you can boost sales with autoresponders

Written by Chad Cook

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It is not only your opt-in list that can benefit from your articles. You can broadcast them to webmasters who need articles to boost their search engine rankings. As people read them at these sites, they followrepparttar links inrepparttar 148622 articles to reach your site for a purchase or an enquiry of your product.

Using autoresponders to generate repeat sales A customer who buys from you today is more likely to buy again tomorrow. Actually every business should strive for repeat sales and people who buy forrepparttar 148623 first time take less effort to makerepparttar 148624 next purchase.

You can use autoresponders to tell your past customers aboutrepparttar 148625 latest version of a product or an upgrade. You can even tell them aboutrepparttar 148626 availability of some accessories or enhancements torepparttar 148627 original product that are worth buying. You can even tell them about discounts available and even say it is available to only past customers for them to get a feel of being valued as buyers.

No business can afford to lose sight ofrepparttar 148628 leverage that autoresponders bring to them. It is therefore a strong recommendation that both start up businesses and well-established ones incorporate them in their website planning and online presence efforts. Autoresponders such asrepparttar 148629 high grade ones found at to help a business generate a high return on its investments.

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