Confident Rapport

Written by Seth Parker

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Like my business partner Cameron Teone always used to say- it is likerepparttar scene inrepparttar 105882 Matrix where Neo must jump acrossrepparttar 105883 buildings. He can't do it until he truly believes. Well, I am telling you to believe in yourself and knock overrepparttar 105884 attraction glass. You DON'T need it. It is a theory born from insecurity.

All you need is rapport: confident rapport. So what’srepparttar 105885 difference between insecure rapport and confident rapport? It comes down to your inner beliefs. Do you believe she's going to listen and like what you have to say about yourself. You should. In fact she should be hanging on every word you say because you believe she needs you. If you have that inch of doubt, that means you believe she isn't ATTRACTED to you, and you need to buildrepparttar 105886 attraction then. But what if you didn't have that doubt? Girls can smell confidence, and they can definitely detect any insecurity. They will seerepparttar 105887 confidence you have in yourself when you are straight forward and you just assume they will like you. And they WILL respond positively. Remember an inch of doubt and you're dead inrepparttar 105888 water.

The next big question is how can I get this confidence? Well... see us at a workshop.

Seth Parker

Seth Parker is one of the trainers for Fidentia a company that teaches men dating confidence with women with live workshops. Visit Fidentia's website at

Be Selfish and Save the World

Written by David Parton

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Make your happiness and peace of mind your number one priority. Once you have that you haverepparttar power to really affect change. Helping others is a wonderful thing. Look atrepparttar 105881 global efforts to helprepparttar 105882 Tsunami victims and affected areas. You could rationalize it and say that helping isrepparttar 105883 right thing to do, that contributing to any good cause isrepparttar 105884 right thing to do. I agree.

But, we are not motivated by our intellect or rationalizations. It is emotion that moves us to act. Helping out makes us feel good and inversely we know that watching others suffer and not helping when we know we can will make us feel miserable. We don' t want to make ourselves unhappy.

If you can truly be honest with yourself you will see that beneath allrepparttar 105885 sentiment is a need to tend to our own happiness. I like to volunteer because it makes me feel good. That isrepparttar 105886 bottom line. The rest is just window-dressing. I have a selfish desire to feel good and so do you. There is nothing wrong with that.

Yoga, meditation and prayer make me feel good, too. Can you call those selfish pursuits? How about attending church or worshipping your higher power? Do those things make you feel good? Of course they do or you would not do them. If pursuing your own emotional well-being and feeling good is not what you would consider selfish, than I think thatrepparttar 105887 term "selfish" is highly misunderstood.

Tend to your "self" first. Be selfish. Then and only then can you really make a difference.

- David Parton 2005

David Parton:

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