Confessions of a King

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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At this time and thereafter as well, Rufus wasrepparttar US Ambassador to England. He wasrepparttar 148374 formal Ambassador duringrepparttar 148375 negotiations forrepparttar 148376 Louisiana Purchase and then he continued as special representative. Some of his family then came to Canada and my family legend tells us they said they were United Empire Loyalists. We are related. Yes,repparttar 148377 Kings were United Empire Loyalists and perhaps inrepparttar 148378 same way my mother’s mother’s family (The Hamiltons) were. The Hamiltons are high up inrepparttar 148379 Stuart ‘play both ends againstrepparttar 148380 middle’ gambit but I cannot say that by my grandmother’s time there was much more knowledge about these things than merely buyingrepparttar 148381 Orange or Irish argument and conflict. It certainly was a passionate issue for them. You could call them all monarchists and that includes Rufus King, Ben Franklin andrepparttar 148382 other noble offspring and illegitimates like Jefferson. I am pretty confident thatrepparttar 148383 real power inrepparttar 148384 Louisiana Purchase was Pierre Dupont de Nemours and Rufus, Livingston, Monroe, Jefferson and allrepparttar 148385 rest answered to his beck and call asrepparttar 148386 Rothschilds loaned or gave money to Jefferson andrepparttar 148387 others as they so desired.

The Rothschilds and Duponts are key or primary Merovingian families. Natty Rothschild was more visible in planningrepparttar 148388 wars ofrepparttar 148389 20th Century along with Cecil Rhodes and Randolph Churchill who he loaned (?) great sums of money to.

The Churchill family has people living in King Township near my relatives whererepparttar 148390 Bilderbergs met at a Rothschild Hotel not long ago.

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Spring Cleaning is Always in Season

Written by Vincent Platania

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Don't forget cleaning supplies for outdoor decks, window washing andrepparttar car. A ladder (and someone to hold it steady) is required for window washing. A soft chamois and cleaner specifically formulated for washing cars makesrepparttar 148298 finish cleaner and shinier.

Make washing windows easier by purchasing two sizes of squeegees - a small one for multi-paned windows and a large one for sliding glass doors. Userepparttar 148299 squeegee to dryrepparttar 148300 window forrepparttar 148301 quickest, streak-free finish.

Take it fromrepparttar 148302 Top torepparttar 148303 bottom

Clean one room at a time from top to bottom before moving on. Decide whether curtains and rugs go torepparttar 148304 cleaners or get tossed inrepparttar 148305 washer with a laundry booster.

Always start atrepparttar 148306 top. Sweep for cobwebs and wash ceilings and light fixtures first with a lambswool duster. Light fixtures that are dirty or greasy, as they are likely to be if located nearrepparttar 148307 stove, need to be removed and washed in warm soapy water.

Move downrepparttar 148308 walls, dusting pictures and decorations. The rest ofrepparttar 148309 room can be best tackled by starting atrepparttar 148310 door and moving aroundrepparttar 148311 room. Pick up objects, dust, clean, remove spots, vacuum.

Bring a box and a bag intorepparttar 148312 room. Your goal is to find a storage place for everything. Books go back inrepparttar 148313 bookcase, pictures back onrepparttar 148314 mantel. Loose papers need to be filed, tossed, or shredded. Spring cleaning is alsorepparttar 148315 perfect time to weed out allrepparttar 148316 objects that are cluttering up your home. The box is for objects you plan to donate, give to friends, or sell at a yard sale. The garbage bag is for everything else you don't want anymore that cannot be recycled.

Spring may have sprung, but remember spring cleaning is for all seasons.

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