Confessions Of An Elephant Eater

Written by John Colanzi

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So for every $100 in profits you've earned one day of freedom fromrepparttar daily grind.

Earn $700 dollars and you've moved one week closer torepparttar 117849 "Life Of Reilly."

I don't know about you, but to merepparttar 117850 idea of earning my freedom is a goal worth fighting for. The money is just a tool to accomplish your goal.

How would I accomplish that goal?

I would divide my efforts between two types of programs.

Program A would be an up front cash generator to keeprepparttar 117851 business going and expand.

Program B would be a residual income generator to build my freedom fund. Residual Income is a monthly income created from programs that have a monthly recurring payment.

You market, expand and reward yourself for each goal you accomplish withrepparttar 117852 money fromrepparttar 117853 cash machine.

You let your residual income program build up until you've got a guaranteed monthly income equal to your monthly expenses.

When your monthly recurring income equals your monthly expenses, you'll be free fromrepparttar 117854 nine to five. You'll never worry about driving to work again.

What are you waiting for? Freedom is right aroundrepparttar 117855 corner.

John Colanzi. YOU CAN MAKE UP TO $100 AN HOUR.... You can make money literally while you're asleep with recurring commissions that keep paying you every single month for the life.

How a Simple Kitchen Timer Gave Me Back My Life!

Written by Mary Wilkey

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Another benefit ofrepparttar mini-break is that it seems to help clear my thinking and keeps me from getting bogged down or developing writer's block. And it helps me to stay focussed (believe it or not), as my mind isn't as prone to wander as when I'm "at it" for hours on end. And I don't get "burnt out" on any one thing this way.

I setrepparttar 117848 timer for various chunks of time throughoutrepparttar 117849 day—that'srepparttar 117850 beauty of it—it is SO flexible, and it gives you that awesome feeling of being in control at all times. If you plan your work, you can work your plan a whole lot easier using a timer. You actually have a roadmap then forrepparttar 117851 whole day, andrepparttar 117852 little "dings" arerepparttar 117853 mile markers. You get a real feeling of accomplishment, because you ARE, in fact, actually accomplishing things.

Try it—you'll love it!

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