Conference of HEDNA 2005 in Barcelona

Written by Ana Rodriguez

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As actions to resolverepparttar "distortion " that lives betweenrepparttar 138771 offers, Jones proposes "to make availablerepparttar 138772 prices and availability in real time forrepparttar 138773 client ", besides "to contribute customized solutions to coverrepparttar 138774 necessities of each channel".


Besides,repparttar 138775 person in charge of Amadeus said thatrepparttar 138776 39% ofrepparttar 138777 business travellers from US “were not recognised as frequent customers by their preferred hotel”. In this way,repparttar 138778 16% of them, who were recognised like frequent customers by their hotel, did not receive special offers (Survey by Accenture). Harteveldt sharedrepparttar 138779 need of initiating some personalized activities depending onrepparttar 138780 tourist features, due to “there are significant differences depending onrepparttar 138781 country, language or age ofrepparttar 138782 customer”.

The technology investment is one ofrepparttar 138783 facts which is recognized like an essential requirement to “assume new trends”, saidrepparttar 138784 Sabre Labs director, Tony Brice. Onrepparttar 138785 other hand, Henry h. Harteveldt emphasizedrepparttar 138786 growing ofrepparttar 138787 metasearch engines, where Google and Yahoo dominate their usage. This situation directsrepparttar 138788 enterprises to get partnership for distributed “vertical search”, Brice declared.

HEDNA, a institution were executives and directors fromrepparttar 138789 200 most influential businesses inrepparttar 138790 sector ofrepparttar 138791 distribution of hotels participate, pursues to increaserepparttar 138792 incomes derived fromrepparttar 138793 electronic hotel distribution which makes it necessary to optimize and get to knowrepparttar 138794 use ofrepparttar 138795 new technologies.


Boston’s Seaport Hotel on the HIstoric Harbor

Written by Kriss Hammond

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Other packages grant free admission forrepparttar family torepparttar 138756 the Children's Museum. All packages allowrepparttar 138757 use ofrepparttar 138758 Seaport's Health Club.

My favorite Seaport Hotel package isrepparttar 138759 "Wedding of Jacqueline Beuvier to John F. Kennedy Package" that is presented in conjunction withrepparttar 138760 John F. Kennedy Library in Boston; 2003 celebratesrepparttar 138761 50th anniversary of their wedding (they were actually married only 10 years), sorepparttar 138762 package probably won't be repeated. You should visitrepparttar 138763 library/museum forrepparttar 138764 exhibit, where you will see Jackie's wedding dress, her emerald and diamond engagement ring, and color footage ofrepparttar 138765 reception.

The Seaport also offers "Weekend Fitness Escapes", "Romance Packages", a "Commuter's Rest Package" and a "Grandparents Getaway Package", but I am certainrepparttar 138766 sales staff is creating even other packages for your pleasure.

I am always interested in anything nautical, sorepparttar 138767 appeal ofrepparttar 138768 "Spirit of Boston Cruise Package" piqued my interest. You dine and dancerepparttar 138769 night onrepparttar 138770 luxurious private yacht Spirit of Boston, cruisingrepparttar 138771 inner Boston Harbor. Maybe you will get a chance to toss tea overboard. Then you stay overnight atrepparttar 138772 Seaport Hotel with full buffet breakfast inrepparttar 138773 morning.

I was checking my email inrepparttar 138774 "offrepparttar 138775 lobby" kiosk's solo computer when I learned ofrepparttar 138776 Seaport Hotel's separate 24-hour business center with high speed internet access. Then I found out each room is complete with a dataport, andrepparttar 138777 hotel has gone wireless.

Well, hi WiFi. No need forrepparttar 138778 24-hour Concierge, except I still likerepparttar 138779 personal touch when arranging sailing trips becauserepparttar 138780 concierge knowsrepparttar 138781 skippers personally.

The Seaport offers a few transportation options for guests interested in visiting other areas of Boston. The South Station shuttle, which runs Monday — Friday, providing convenient access torepparttar 138782 MBTA's red line subway and from there, they can connect torepparttar 138783 green and orange lines. Additionally,repparttar 138784 Seaport Hotel operates a shuttle on Saturdays going to South Station and Faneuil Hall. The Concierge can make arrangements for other private ground transportation, including service by BostonCoach. The water shuttle, operated in partnership withrepparttar 138785 MBTA, leaves fromrepparttar 138786 World Trade Center and stops atrepparttar 138787 U.S. Courthouse (providing access torepparttar 138788 Children's Museum and Tea Party Ship), and Lovejoy Wharf (access torepparttar 138789 North End and other historical monuments).

I felt it was time to check outrepparttar 138790 old historic waterfront that has seen centuries of use. Everyone atrepparttar 138791 hotel is knowledgeable of their neighborhood. The bellman directed me torepparttar 138792 East Wharf area to find out his favorite local "No Name Restaurant". After a dark walk down a cobblestoned quay stretchingrepparttar 138793 length of long rows of brick warehouses, I foundrepparttar 138794 second story fishery packed with locals crowding in beforerepparttar 138795 FleetBoston arena concert beating inrepparttar 138796 nightscape background. I found a stool quickly atrepparttar 138797 bar and orderedrepparttar 138798 famous clam chowder from "Pop" who has been serving drinks here sincerepparttar 138799 revolt.

Afterrepparttar 138800 FleetBoston concert I relaxed inrepparttar 138801 Seaport's lobby lounge bar nearrepparttar 138802 4-Diamond, 110-seat, non-smoking, Aura Restaurant. The Aura is a signature cuisine winner in Boston, allowing kids under 12 free dining with adults withrepparttar 138803 "Vacation By The Sea Package".

Aura Executive Chef John Merrill grew up on Long Island, New York, and has been a fish cutter since his teens. After degrees atrepparttar 138804 Culinary Institute of America in Hartford, Connecticut, he served as Rounds Cook, Sous Chef and Banquet Chef for many prestigious resorts onrepparttar 138805 East Coast, includingrepparttar 138806 Reach Resort in Key West, Florida, andrepparttar 138807 Boston Harbor Hotel, where he wasrepparttar 138808 Garde Manage Chef. Sincerepparttar 138809 Seaport's 1998 opening Chef Merrill has been creating many award winning culinary presentations with elegant dining overlookingrepparttar 138810 harbor lights.

He selects specialty New England farmers and purveyors for fresh homegrown ingredients that are blended splendidly into wonderful textures and flavors. You may have caught him on "Ready, Set, Cook" onrepparttar 138811 Food Network, or atrepparttar 138812 Boston Wine Expo, whichrepparttar 138813 Seaport Hotel sponsors. For Aura restaurant reservations call

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