Conference Calling Evolved

Written by Richard Keir

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True real-time audio/video conferencing hasn't arrived yet for most. The bandwidth requirements remain excessive andrepparttar quality ofrepparttar 144100 video, in particular, is fairly low. If you ever done live chat with audio and a web camera, you've seenrepparttar 144101 limitations.

Most online presentations which involve both audio and video generally use static images which change either rarely or slowly, such as charts, website images, topic outlines and so on. This can be extremely useful for teleseminars, of course, because it makes it easier to demonstrate certain points and provides a visual as well as an audio focus for participants.

The combination of audio and visual elements is particularly useful in training situations where one can reinforcerepparttar 144102 other. Plus, you haverepparttar 144103 advantage of reaching those who learn better through visual means, as well as those partial to audio.

For those of you doing eCommercerepparttar 144104 evolved conference call can be an incredible tool. Consider how much impact regular teleseminars about your area of expertise could have on future sales. You can provide buyers with instructional teleseminars. You can introduce new products. And in each instance you'll be generating recordings which you can either sell or make available on your sites, or use as added viral marketing tools.

Withrepparttar 144105 increasing sophistication and usability ofrepparttar 144106 tools for conference calling,repparttar 144107 possibilities are virtually unlimited and well withinrepparttar 144108 reach of every entrepreneur. You'll be hard pressed to find another tool that offers yourepparttar 144109 impact and potential ofrepparttar 144110 conference call.

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The Internet and customer care: aid or anarchy?

Written by Rachel Lane

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The disaffected nation is becoming an increasingly IT literate force, with its soldiers equipped with e-mail addresses, online bank accounts and familiarity with a range of online retailers. As broadband penetration increases and websites offer an increasingly sophisticated range of services, companies will be less worried about bit rates and more concerned about bite rates as word-of-mouth whips its way through e-mails.

Whilst certain companies may still be slow to react to customer concerns, market monopolies are gradually being disbanded as consumers embrace new ways of shopping.

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