Condo-Hotels – A New Second-Home Alternative To Time Shares

Written by Leon Altman

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Despiterepparttar fact thatrepparttar 139774 property is in a hotel setting, a condo-hotel is considered a private residence, and owners are eligible for mortgage interest deductions and allrepparttar 139775 other tax advantages that come from owning a second home. However, most condo-hotels do not allow you to live inrepparttar 139776 unit year round. This is becauserepparttar 139777 management company wants to rent outrepparttar 139778 unit when you are not there, so both you and they can profit from that rental income.

Each condo-hotel property has its own residence restrictions that indicaterepparttar 139779 maximum amount of time you can live inrepparttar 139780 property. This is an important piece of information to consider before purchasing a condo-hotel unit. Most owners do not intend to live in their condo year round, so this is not a concern in typical circumstances.

Why not just rent a hotel room? In addition torepparttar 139781 investment aspect, condo-hotels usually offer more room than a standard hotel room. Most suites are one or two bedrooms, and larger units are available. Condo-hotels typically have cooking facilities and other homey features that hotel rooms do not. This makes it ideal to have family stay with you when they come to visit.

Withrepparttar 139782 advantages they offer over time shares, it’s easy to see why so many people looking for a vacation property investment they can also enjoy when they want are now looking at condo-hotels.

For more on finding and buyingrepparttar 139783 right condo-hotel, check out Make Your Next Home a Resort,repparttar 139784 2005 Guide to Condo-Hotels, Fractional Shares and Resort Residences. You can downloadrepparttar 139785 Guide as a pdf file at

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How To Make A Wheat Heating Pad

Written by Christine Miserandino

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At this point, if you desire, you can use essential oils to sprinkle onrepparttar material for aromatherapy.

You will need to microwave it for about 2 minutes.

* Please note all microwaves are different, so please "test" it a few times for more or less time to see what works for you. Please use caution when first using it - as it might come out ofrepparttar 139773 microwave very hot. It stays warm for a couple of hours. You can also put these inrepparttar 139774 fridge/freezer ifrepparttar 139775 cold is better for you.

If you want, you can make these any shape you like. For example, a horseshoe for your neck or a heart for a child to hold when going to sleep etc. You can make these as big or as small as you desire. Just remember that you are going to need as many seeds as it takes to fill 1/2repparttar 139776 bag. Usually about 1lb is enough forrepparttar 139777 18" bags.

These heating pads make great gifts for yourself or for others. They can be reused time and time again.

Good Luck making yours!

Christine Miserandino is a writer, motivational speaker, and patient advocate from NY. She also happens to be someone who is living with Lupus. Her writing has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, medical newsletters and television media. Check out to read more of her articles, and to receive her monthly newsletter.

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