Condemming Sin in the Flesh,The Other Side Of Jesus.

Written by Rev.Anthony Smith

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True, Jesus died for our sins, but we as Christians, no longer serve a, suffering, dieing Messiah (Hebrew), we serverepparttar risen, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, The reigning King Jesus, alive and well, sitting onrepparttar 135353 right hand of Power. We serverepparttar 135354 one, whose vesture is dipped in blood, riding a white stallion, weal-dingrepparttar 135355 sword ofrepparttar 135356 Lord God Almighty. Who shall return with our Lord atrepparttar 135357 time of His Victory, will it be of those that stoodrepparttar 135358 greatest test of faith in this life, will it be those of great courage in times of adversity? The Bible doesn’t state, but I pray that some of us today, in this time, in this era of global change, are found worthy to ride with Him, whose coming will mark,repparttar 135359 end of sin and corruption. The survival of mans soul is at stake,repparttar 135360 future of our loved ones and enemies is at a turning point. The spirit of anti-Christ is abounding every where, nation to nation, in our schools, government, politics, neighborhoods, there’s no where you can go without hearing anti Christian, anti Jewish comments. Can this world last much longer, have we become so lax in our studies that we can discernrepparttar 135361 signs ofrepparttar 135362 seasons but missrepparttar 135363 signs ofrepparttar 135364 times? Romans 8; 16, should give us all a reason and a passion to fulfillrepparttar 135365 commission that Jesus left to us. “ The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we arerepparttar 135366 children of God.” We are not hear on this earth to make a name for ourselves, but we are hear to makerepparttar 135367 name of Jesus, stand out torepparttar 135368 world and herald a new age to come, where all sin and unrighteousness, will be defeated forever. “ For as many as are led byrepparttar 135369 Spirit of God, they arerepparttar 135370 sons of God” Rom.8; 14. So let us all rejoice inrepparttar 135371 Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry Abba, Father, we are who we are byrepparttar 135372 grace of God. Hold on Children, for our redeemer still liveth and shall return to deliver us fromrepparttar 135373 destruction to come. Glory be to Godrepparttar 135374 Father,repparttar 135375 Son andrepparttar 135376 Holy Spirit forever. Amen. References Romans 8:1-22, Revelations,repparttar 135377 battle of Armageddon.


Living the Year of the Eucharist

Written by Lisa M. Hendey

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S stands for Serve. Every Holy Thursdayrepparttar Church presents us withrepparttar 135249 Gospel of Jesus washingrepparttar 135250 feet of his disciples atrepparttar 135251 first Eucharist and telling them that He was giving them an "example", a model to follow. It is easy to forget how important service is to following Christ untilrepparttar 135252 Church reminds us.

A stands for Adore, if we forget about who Jesus is, God and all that we owe God we are apt to approach Him in a way that doesn’t fully acknowledgerepparttar 135253 all important acts we are partaking.

C stands for Confess, and I use it in both of its meanings to confess our belief in God and to confess our sins. They both our related and when we really know who God is then we come to know who we are and how we fall short of living and trusting in His love for us.

R stands for Respond and it seems to go without saying that if we want to getrepparttar 135254 most out ofrepparttar 135255 Mass we need to respond—yet it is amazing how difficult this can be for all of us at times because we often have to sing songs we don't particularly care for or stand or kneel longer than we feel like. Responding for many isrepparttar 135256 greatest sacrifice asked for and often reminds me ofrepparttar 135257 way people responded to Jesus with a list of excuses rather than a "leaving everything to follow Him" response.

I stands for Incline your ear, to make a strong effort to listen to what God might be saying to you at Mass.

F stands for Fast, making sure that we come torepparttar 135258 Eucharist with a hunger to truly enjoy whatrepparttar 135259 Lord is giving us.

I stands for Invite; to consciously asrepparttar 135260 Lord to "stay with us", to invokerepparttar 135261 prayer ofrepparttar 135262 early Church atrepparttar 135263 Eucharist Maranatha meaning "Come Lord."

C stands for Commune; to truly give ourselves to Christ and to accept new life in Him when we receive His Body and Blood.

E stands for Evangelize; to share what we have been given realizing thatrepparttar 135264 very life of our family, friends and those God places in our path depend on hearing about Him.

Q: As always with your writing Michael, I found this book to be a wonderful combination of insightful philosophy and readable, workable advice. A particular favorite of mine in this book are your “Lessons Learned from a Three Year Old” comments in each chapter, which provide simple, real life instruction. How did your relationship with your son Joseph impact onrepparttar 135265 writing of this book and your experience ofrepparttar 135266 Eucharist?

A: Joseph was two when I was preparing a lengthy talk onrepparttar 135267 Eucharist for an event in St. Louis a few years ago. He kept coming to see what I was doing and atrepparttar 135268 time I was having difficulty coming up with a way to illustraterepparttar 135269 idea of "giving thanks always"—something that appears inrepparttar 135270 "Adore" chapter of How to Getrepparttar 135271 Most Out ofrepparttar 135272 Eucharist. I was sending him away with a gentle reprimand and in response he said, "Thank you" something he did at that age (I think he though it meant "okay"). I realized that God had just sent me my illustration.

Overrepparttar 135273 course ofrepparttar 135274 next two years (Joseph is about to turn four in April) Joseph continued to put what I propose inrepparttar 135275 book to its toughest test and yet confirmed that what I was putting forth was indeed practical. I am reminded of one time when Joseph was clamoring for attention to have help with his runny nose and as I fished out a handkerchief and bent down to wipe his nose I heardrepparttar 135276 priest proclaim fromrepparttar 135277 Gospel "whatever you did forrepparttar 135278 least of my brethren you did for me." I realized that Joseph and all of his young peers out there have a lot to teach us about keeping Christ inrepparttar 135279 Eucharist!

Two side notes to this question:repparttar 135280 first four people to write me with feedback onrepparttar 135281 book after reading it, all of them women (my wife, a nun and two young mothers) all shared that they readrepparttar 135282 Joseph parts first, secondly while I was answering this question Joseph made an appearance to tell me that I really should pick up my books which are all overrepparttar 135283 floor near my desk.

Q: For those of us looking to truly embrace this “Year ofrepparttar 135284 Eucharist” what are some ofrepparttar 135285 most important steps we can take duringrepparttar 135286 remainder ofrepparttar 135287 year?

A: The most important element is to understand it all in terms of Jesus. Adore Jesus inrepparttar 135288 Blessed Sacrament, takerepparttar 135289 Gospels with you to learn again who He is and that He founded a Church with Peter as its head and that he left usrepparttar 135290 Eucharist as a gift. Readrepparttar 135291 Holy Father's beautiful writing onrepparttar 135292 Eucharist, rediscoverrepparttar 135293 "awe" we should have or as my friend Father Stan Fortuna likes to paraphraserepparttar 135294 Holy Father "be amazed" at bothrepparttar 135295 mystery ofrepparttar 135296 Eucharist and its power to transform us more perfectly into communion with Jesus.

Q: Your book includes a helpful appendix for those attending Mass but unable to receive Holy Communion. Can they, too, get more out ofrepparttar 135297 Eucharist? How should Catholics with family or friends in this situation minister to their loved ones?

A: I believe thatrepparttar 135298 Eucharist is Jesus and that when we are at Mass we encounter Jesus, so even those who cannot receive Him in Holy Communion can still encounter him if they open themselves up to His grace. Helping our family or friends in those situations to see this (and of course our young children who can't receive yet) opensrepparttar 135299 door to them getting more out ofrepparttar 135300 Eucharist.

God placed several people in my life while I was writingrepparttar 135301 book that called my attention torepparttar 135302 fact that there are those who attend Mass frequently but can't receive or think they can't (and I address this latter group by telling them to seek out a priest and make sure that it isrepparttar 135303 case rather than relying onrepparttar 135304 advice of some well meaning Catholic relative who might not know but might think that they do). I have known people who have attended Mass with a Catholic spouse for their entire lives and have found ways to participate with our receiving communion—one such person recently commented to me that she had readrepparttar 135305 book and really like it, she didn't say but I'm guessing she liked that I had addressed her situation inrepparttar 135306 book.

Q: Michael Dubruiel, thank you for another wonderful resource in How to Getrepparttar 135307 Most Out ofrepparttar 135308 Eucharist. Are there any closing thoughts you would like to share?

A: Thank you for taking an interest in this book, I hope this book will help all of those faithful Catholics and not so faithful ones to a renewed experience of Jesus Christ at every Mass.

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Lisa M. Hendey is a mother of two sons, webmaster of numerous web sites, including and, and an avid reader of Catholic literature. Visit her at for more information.

Lisa M. Hendey is a mother of two sons, webmaster of numerous web sites, including and, and an avid reader of Catholic literature. Visit her at for more information.

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