Concrete Cutting - Adding a Pre-Cast Concrete Stairway Bulkhead to your Home

Written by Robert Short

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Oncerepparttar hole for your bulkhead has been successfully dug out andrepparttar 139901 portion ofrepparttar 139902 foundation that needs to be cut is exposed you need to clearly layout your cut lines with a measuring tape, a bright yellow lumber crayon and a 4' level as instructed onrepparttar 139903 spec sheet. Now it is time to call a professional concrete cutter and find out what their pricing and availability is (cost is usually $425+/- to cut and droprepparttar 139904 piece). They will charge you approximately an additional $100 to jack hammerrepparttar 139905 piece into manageable pieces and up to $500 to removerepparttar 139906 piece from site. In order to avoidrepparttar 139907 break up an disposal charges, simply have your excavation contractor dig a "grave" forrepparttar 139908 concrete atrepparttar 139909 bottom of your excavation. This way you can just bury it and save yourself some time, money and hassles. Explain torepparttar 139910 concrete cutter that you need a standard doorway for a bulkhead. Ask them how much they charge and when they can schedule your job. Ask them for a morning appointment. You are going to have to coordinaterepparttar 139911 concrete cutting andrepparttar 139912 bulkhead installation so that as soon asrepparttar 139913 concrete cutter is donerepparttar 139914 bulkhead is immediately installed. So you can now schedule your bulkhead delivery and installation for about 12 noon. Most pre-cast concrete product manufacturers will dorepparttar 139915 installation for you at no additional cost or it is included inrepparttar 139916 price.

I recommend calling each of your sub-contractors a day prior to their arrival just to verify that there are no scheduling conflicts. This will minimizerepparttar 139917 amount of problems that will occur and give you plenty of time to reschedule each subcontractor if one of them runs into a problem.

As soon as your bulkhead and metal bulkhead cover have been successfully installed you will need to "back fill" or replacerepparttar 139918 dirt that was removed fromrepparttar 139919 hole. This can be done by hand with a shovel by an experienced "do it yourselfer" or you can make arrangements to have your excavation contractor return oncerepparttar 139920 installation is complete and dorepparttar 139921 backfilling for you. It is always a good idea to allow this dirt to settle before adding your topsoil or planting any grass or flowers. The ground aroundrepparttar 139922 bulkhead should be settled pretty good after several heavy rain showers.

Well, good luck and if you choose to tackle this project congratulations. For more information on this subject just do a search for "pre-cast," "concrete cutting" or "bulkhead." As always please feel free to check out our website at

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Shower Walls - Problems and Solutions

Written by Mark Davies

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Damp patches onrepparttar wall or floor outside a shower cubicle can be attributed to one ofrepparttar 139869 above causes, leaking waste or supply pipes, or occasionally by excessive sealant insiderepparttar 139870 cubicle, causing water to well-up in siderepparttar 139871 frame itself.

So what arerepparttar 139872 solutions?

The solution will depend onrepparttar 139873 severity ofrepparttar 139874 problem and keep in mind that much ofrepparttar 139875 damage may be hidden.

Ensure thatrepparttar 139876 shower tray or bath is securely anchored in place and does not move when someone stands in it. If you have access torepparttar 139877 underside check any supply and waste pipes for leaks.

Cut away old sealant with a sharp blade and replace with a high quality sanitary grade silicone sealant containing a fungicide. Try and avoid cheap sealant that has less fungicide and a lower silicone content.

Treat mouldy grout with a surface cleaner, initially, to see how deep rootedrepparttar 139878 problem is. Ifrepparttar 139879 problem returns, then you might need to think about raking outrepparttar 139880 old grout and applying new.

Alternatively you could do away with grout altogether and install shower wall panels in place of ceramic wall tiles.

Each shower wall panel slots intorepparttar 139881 next one using a tongue and groove system, eliminatingrepparttar 139882 need for grout. These panels are totally waterproof and can be fitted to any surface includingrepparttar 139883 existing tiles.

Mark Davies is the owner of The Bathroom Marquee, a UK based online store specialising in shower wall panels, bathroom wall cladding, and the Outasight concealed shower curtain system.

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