Conclusion to Laura Hickey's Don't Go In for Kids Short Story is Now Available!

Written by LH Publications and Productions

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"Don't Go In" from her book: Mysterious Chills and Thrills for Kids! to read more from Laura Hickey.

MP3 Music Downloads--Your Guide to Creating Personal Packages

Written by Larry Denton

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While downloading music is easy and legal--so long as you follow all copyright laws--there are some concerns of which you should be aware. Make sure your MP3 music downloads are not filled with hidden programs that will ruin your music experience, and invade your privacy as well.

For example, spyware is nearly always present in MP3 freeware and shareware downloads. The spyware gathers information and monitors your computer activities without your knowledge. This unscrupulous use ofrepparttar Internet has resulted in thousands of innocent users being victims of identity theft and fraud.

Secondly, adware (a form of unsolicited spyware that sends advertising directly to your computer) is also contained in many of these MP3 download networks. Your computer will be saturated with unwanted and intrusive ads.

Also prevalent onrepparttar 135829 MP3 networks is pornography. Be very alert torepparttar 135830 fact that porn distributors disguise there software asrepparttar 135831 latest "free" MP3 download or game demonstration to redirect your computer to their sites.

Finally, be aware of "spoofing." Spoofing occurs when download networks are filled with fake music files. For instance, you download what you think is a popular song, but all you get isrepparttar 135832 same ten seconds ofrepparttar 135833 song over and over again.

In your search forrepparttar 135834 best downloadable MP3 sites, and to create your own music library of your personal favorites, be very selective ofrepparttar 135835 sites you use. Probablyrepparttar 135836 best known site is, but there are literally hundreds of other sites such as, Glide Magazine, SoundShelf and that offer free MP3 downloads.

Inrepparttar 135837 pay for music subscription services, two ofrepparttar 135838 best are probably EMusic and Apple's iTunes Music Store, but again there are hundreds of other options.

By downloading your favorite songs and burning them on to CD, you can truly create your own personal library. Download away, turn uprepparttar 135839 volume, and sing along!

Larry Denton is a retired history teacher having taught 33 years at Hobson High in Hobson, Montana. He is currently V.P. of Elfin Enterprises, Inc., an Internet business providing valuable information on a variety of timely topics. For a dorm room full of tips, resources and suggestions about MP3 downloads, visit

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