Computer Disposal - Throwing Away Your Computer, Money, and Idenity

Written by Jackson Morgan

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So, what should you do? Here are a couple ideas on computer disposal that may help:

* Go ahead and recycle your computer in an EPA fashion, but remove your hard disk drive and add it to your new system for extra storage (Secure); * Find a local company that will melt you hard disk drive. Usually a recycler or machine shop will do this for you (Secure, but it will cost money); * Find a local company that will use a degaussing machine in order to eradicate your hard disk drive (Secure, but it will cost money); * Use a secondary application to format your drive, but runrepparttar program 3-5 times even if it states it’s not necessary (99.9% secure, but still possible to recover data).

Computer Disposal andrepparttar 143911 EPA ---------------------------------------------- Make sure when you recycle your old system you comply with repparttar 143912 Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") guidelines. Here are some basic facts on computer disposal that will help you.

According torepparttar 143913 official EPA website

* The Environmental Protection Agency has strict regulations regardingrepparttar 143914 disposal of hazardous materials; * Penalties for violations are distributed inrepparttar 143915 form of fines as well as Public Service; * Nearly 250 million computers will become obsolete in repparttar 143916 next five years; * Many people discard computers every three to five years; * In 2004, only 11 percent of personal computers retired inrepparttar 143917 U.S. were recycled.

Conclusion ---------- TVs and computers can contain an average of four pounds of lead (depending on their size, make and vintage) as well as other substances of potential concern like chromium, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, nickel, zinc and brominated flame retardants. These materials need to be handled carefully and are potential health hazards.

On top of allrepparttar 143918 chemicals and biohazards, your computer probably contains personal information. If this information falls intorepparttar 143919 wrong hands, you could be onrepparttar 143920 receiving end of identity theft and various forms of fraud.

Websites that may be of interest:

* The Computer Disposal Requirements section ofrepparttar 143921 EPA; * SnapFiles Handy Recovery data recovery freeware tool; * R-tools Technology R-Wipe & Clean disk cleaning and PC privacy software.

Jackson Morgan,

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About The Author ---------------- Jackson Morgan is a Sr. desktop support specialist and works with small to large businesses. He is certified to work on many platforms and has over eight years experience in the field. If you would like to contact Jackson you can e-mail him at

Finding the right Mac for you.

Written by Stephen Howson

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PowerMac – As withrepparttar iMac, these are available in G3, G4 or G5. These machines are higher priced and are forrepparttar 143837 pro user, developers and gamers. These are in a tower case that allows you to add extra PCI-X cards as well as extra drives and memory. If you’re looking long term and don’t want to have to buy another computer for many years, this may berepparttar 143838 way to go.

Processor upgrade path:

History has shown that PowerMacs definitely haverepparttar 143839 most processor upgrades available for them. Of course you can’t upgraderepparttar 143840 bus speed, this is basically how fastrepparttar 143841 data moves aroundrepparttar 143842 machine, but you can increaserepparttar 143843 processor speed with some of these upgrades. Some ofrepparttar 143844 G3 PowerMacs can be upgraded to G4. Some ofrepparttar 143845 G4 PowerMacs can be upgraded to faster G4 PowerMacs.

Recommendations in a nutshell:

Mac Mini – Average user that has a USB keyboard and mouse and an existing monitor and does not mind limited upgrade options

eMac – Average user that wants an all-in-one machine for day-to-day computing and does not mind limited upgrade path

iMac – Above average user that wants a little more computing power in a sleek, compact design. Still limited upgrade, but withrepparttar 143846 G4 model you probably won’t have to worry about upgrades for a while and withrepparttar 143847 G5 model you’ll be able to hang on to that machine for a few years.

PowerMac – Power user, developers and gamers. This isrepparttar 143848 kingpin as far as expandability, upgradeability and longevity.


Get what you need. Don’t get sucked into buyingrepparttar 143849 latest and greatest, you may be wasting your money. Really takerepparttar 143850 time to think about what you want to do withrepparttar 143851 machine and make your decision based on that. No matter which machine you decide on they’re all excellent and you won’t be disappointed with any of them.

Alternatives to new machines:

Used machines – These machines are available throughoutrepparttar 143852 net at forum sites and auction sites like

Refurbished – These machines are available through Apple and carryrepparttar 143853 same warranty asrepparttar 143854 new machines. This is a great way to save some money while still havingrepparttar 143855 warranty of a new machine. I’ve ordered several refurbished items from Apple and have never had a problem with them.

Administrator at mac auction where you can sell and buy Apple computer gear of all types.

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