Compelling Words that Sell With the Magic of Pixie Dust

Written by Linda Elizabeth Alexander

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Start by looking through some of your more successful communication pieces: Did a particular memo cause controversy in your office? Did a sales letter you never expected to work instead have phenomenal response? Analyze these items for timing, offer, context, audience, and what happened before or afterrepparttar message was sent.

There are a lot of factors that play intorepparttar 129307 success of a particular communication. Only after you have figured out a number ofrepparttar 129308 above variables, should you look atrepparttar 129309 individual words you used.

If you can narrow it down at all to a particular headline that worked, make a note. Keeprepparttar 129310 headline in a "swipe file" forrepparttar 129311 next time you are looking for a successful headline. Did you use a phrase that angered customers, perked up your lawyers' ears, or released a flood of gossip aroundrepparttar 129312 water cooler? Write that one down too, in your file of phrases NOT to use again. Unless, of course, angering people is your aim.

Over time your list will build and you too will be able to write an article about magic words that are proven to bring you tons of sales overnight.

Linda Elizabeth Alexander writes marketing copy for nonprofits and traditional businesses. Sign up for her free business writing newsletter, Write torepparttar 129313 Point, at .

Linda Elizabeth Alexander writes marketing copy for nonprofits and traditional businesses. Sign up for her free business writing newsletter, Write to the Point, at .

"I Have Nothing To Say!" Overcoming The Fear Of Writing

Written by Penny Graham

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"I Wrote It Down And It Sucks!"

Okay so you haverepparttar words on paper and you hate it. Remember you are not required to be perfect and I bet a lot of your dislike for your writing is your Fear talking. At this point, you proofread what you wrote, make corrections in spelling and grammar as best as you can. The main point is to be clear and organized in what you say. Check your article for repetition. If you found you have repeated a phrase unnecessarily then takerepparttar 129306 extra wording out.

Get another opinion. Read it out loud or have a friend read it. See if your writing makes sense to them and they understand what you are writing about. This will help you inrepparttar 129307 proofing department.

"What If No One Likes It?"

Ok not everyone is going to like it, but there will be people who do. You will never know unless you try. We are far more critical about ourselves than other people are on us. Somewhere some one is going to find what you have to say helpful. I think ofrepparttar 129308 articles I have read that have helped me. It was great to read about someone who already went through what I am going through now. At least I knew that I wasn'trepparttar 129309 only one that was going throughrepparttar 129310 frustrations. I also learned from other people's mistakes, what pitfalls to avoid, saving me some problems inrepparttar 129311 future.

Don't write simply for business reasons, but write fromrepparttar 129312 heart withrepparttar 129313 intention of wanting to help someone else. If your article has helped or motivated one person in any way, then your writing has served a purpose. Yes there are benefits like name branding, credibility, free advertising, etc, butrepparttar 129314 thing that countsrepparttar 129315 most, is you wrote fromrepparttar 129316 heart and someone was helped. Remember we all learn from each other and we are all in this together.

Okay now your article is done. Put your resource box atrepparttar 129317 end. Now go get it published. Ezines and websites are always looking for new content and there is someone out there waiting to learn from you! An excellent place to start is at This website is for new writers to submit and publish their articles. Also has a great resource for you to check out on other places to submit your article. ---------------------------------------- This article may freely be reproduced providedrepparttar 129318 following resource box is included intact atrepparttar 129319 end ofrepparttar 129320 article. ----------------------------------------

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