Compassion, Part 2

Written by Rinatta Paries

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3. Compassion gives you a sense of connectedness.

Having compassion means opening your heart to others. It also means residing in your heart when interacting with others. This can be especially challenging when compassion is most needed. But it is well worthrepparttar effort.

When you show others compassion, they get to experience being heard and cared for when most needed. This allows you to connect with others in a meaningful way and feel more alive and loved.

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Time for Change ... When your basic systems no longer work for you

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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For example, if we grow up in a loving, family environment, then we learn values that are essential torepparttar creation and establishment of a loving environment. If we grow up in a hostile environment, then we will learnrepparttar 101955 values that are essential to maintaining a hostile environment. People always turn to that which is familiar, regardless of how wonderful or harsh, because familiarity provides security and acceptance.

--- Understanding Your System ---

In every case, you have to understandrepparttar 101956 various information and aspects of your life that shaped your belief system. When your belief system no longer provides support for your direction and desires, then you will be aware of what has shaped your beliefs to limit you.

When you do reachrepparttar 101957 outer wall ofrepparttar 101958 basic belief system, you can become stressed, depressed, lost, and unable to move down your path. In this case, you begin to lose hope and simply settle into a lifestyle that is "just there" and you cannot go beyond where your system allows you to go.

You must understand your system to change your system. This is accomplished by examiningrepparttar 101959 things that are important to you and determiningrepparttar 101960 things that have shaped your beliefs. Some of these things, you will find, are no longer important and are simply holding you back. Other things, of new importance, appear just outside of your reach and cause you stress because you cannot reach them---unless you change your system.

--- Changing Your System ---

It is important to realize that if you always do what you've always done then you'll always receive what you've always received. To move forward and build on your current foundation, it is important to continually reinvent yourself and make changes to your basic belief system.

Reinventing yourself and changing your belief system does not mean completely eliminatingrepparttar 101961 things that are important. Just as you would not quit your job without having something else available, you cannot expect to completely eliminate your current system and values and expect to succeed. It is a process of changing or eliminatingrepparttar 101962 things that no longer work, usingrepparttar 101963 things that are available to suit your direction, and determining how to acquirerepparttar 101964 resources necessary to reach your ultimate destination. It is a process that moves at your own pace.

--- What's next? ---

Once you're able to analyze your current system and determine where it is that you ultimately want to be, you will be able to determinerepparttar 101965 changes necessary to create a new and workable system for you. The next step is to implement your changes and become proactive in your life. You will then be on your way to a new and fulfilling life!

Good luck!

Edward B. Toupin is a writer and life coach living in the Entertainment Capital of the World. His upcoming e-book, "Align Your Life," provides insight into various aspects of life with some solutions to consider to help you move forward. Contact Edward at for more information.

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