Comparing Free Blogging Software

Written by Don Beavers

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B2evolution is another advanced web log tool that features an integrated XHTML validator. It supports recursive subcategories, cross posting and has a really cool integrated "skinning" system.

The "skinning" system allows you to create multiple blogs in separate categories with different appearances for each blog. You simply "changerepparttar skin" forrepparttar 141649 blog to create a totally new look and feel.

The "skinning" feature, combined withrepparttar 141650 built in multi-user administration management tool, makesrepparttar 141651 system robust enough for more commercial endeavors, such as product promotion blogs. If you have much to publish with multiple themes, this isrepparttar 141652 software you are looking for.

Nucleus Blogging Software Available for free download at:

Though Nucleus is an extremely robust blogging tool in its own right, it also contains some powerful features that can provide benefits in promotion of your blog.

Nucleus offersrepparttar 141653 ability to optimize its URLS, creating simple page addresses that do not have and "&" or "=" characters. This makesrepparttar 141654 pages search engine (and user) friendly. Another great feature isrepparttar 141655 ability to showrepparttar 141656 contents of multiple weblogs on one page. This could allow a website owner to manipulaterepparttar 141657 optimum text / keyword balance on pages for better search engine rankings.

Nucleus also provides RSS and Atom feeds that can be extremely helpful when promoting a website. If part of your blog's function is to work as a search engine marketing and promotion tool, Nucleus is an exceptional software package.

Each of these blogging software packages offerrepparttar 141658 basic tools that you would need to create a successful blog and all three are PHP - MySQL open source (free to use) packages. You should try to selectrepparttar 141659 software that helps you achieverepparttar 141660 long term goal that you have in mind for your website based onrepparttar 141661 unique extra features offered by each.

Don Beavers lives in Bryan, Texas and is an enterprise level PHP-MySQL programmer at the Datavor Web Directory and at the Shopping Elf directory Shopping Guide

Is Your Web Host Too Good to be True?

Written by The Quantum Host

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Another thing that annoyed me was that they were offering a "lifetime" membership forrepparttar low price of sixty dollars. This is an example of another “too good to be true” promotions. A web server cannot really be run in such a manner.

So remember to watch out for these “remarkable” deals. There are folks out there that only want your money, and not your business. Thankfully though there are a lot more honest and hard working folks that hate these practices as much as me such as iPowerweb, The Quantum Host, and Even if it takes a little longer, or costs a little more, takerepparttar 140731 time to find an all around good web host. Do your homework, and you will be happy for many web hosting years to come.

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