Company/Employee Handbook as Organisational Improvement Tool

Written by Stephan Szugat

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As employer, you could hire employees with lower education. And your employees will love it, because they know where to look, when they have questions and they could improve their working environment as well. Butrepparttar most advantage forrepparttar 147487 owner is, thatrepparttar 147488 organisation will be able to work properly, whenrepparttar 147489 business grows and whenrepparttar 147490 owner might sellrepparttar 147491 business one day, it might get sold easier, because ofrepparttar 147492 proper organisation.

When installing a Company Handbook, you will find procedures you could automate. Automatingrepparttar 147493 operation as much as possible will also be a big benefit, because employees and employer are able to focus their workforce on more important topics, such as improving repparttar 147494 sales volume. Furthermore automatization will reduce to cost of operation as well.

A Company/Employee Handbook is a bit like a Business Plan, but far more detailed, because it will contain information on every internal procedure. Onlyrepparttar 147495 financial part ofrepparttar 147496 business plan will not be included, but if you like you might include some financial information you like to share with your employees. As you describe your procedures just do it as a numeration or listing. The description don't have to be very well formed, it's just important that everyone who will read it, is able to understand what has to be done.

Remember, a Company Handbook is a living system, if you and your employees are not updating it regularly, it will be death one day, because it will only contain old stuff. So keep all people within your business engaged in improvingrepparttar 147497 Company Handbook, because it will improve your business internal organisation as well. While starting to writerepparttar 147498 content of your Company Handbook, concentrate on job roles at first, afterwards write down job descriptions, in case a job role has been given to employees twice (Accounting Staff, etc.). Job Roles need to includerepparttar 147499 duties andrepparttar 147500 responsebilities ofrepparttar 147501 described job.

Job Roles, Job Descriptions and Workflow-Descriptions of sepcial procedures don't have to berepparttar 147502 same, but take care thatrepparttar 147503 information is consistent, that means that it is written in a stream. This wayrepparttar 147504 entire Company Handbook will be of benefit for everyone. When rereading something on your Company Handbook and you still have questions, thanrepparttar 147505 entry is not finished.

Last but not least, your Company/Employee Handbook should be available everytime. To do this, think about an Internet or Intranet Solution, depending onrepparttar 147506 size of your business. Keep it simple and slim, and you will have many benefits from it. Good Luck. ------------------ ARTICLE END ------------------

Stephan Szugat is founder of abenetis a web-based service about Business Management Solutions focusing on the core needs of business management. He has approx. 15 years experience in the Finance and Accounting Area from companies of different size and from various industries.

Firewords: A Dangerous necessity in your life?

Written by graham and julie

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There is another way. The way used by many, many successful entrepreneurs. Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller and others all identifiedrepparttar power of thought as crucial and critical to their success. But instead of aiming with Firewords they used their thoughts to grow and develop. They sawrepparttar 147030 importance of controlling their thoughts in order to be successful. The importance of using their energy positively rather than negatively. Overcoming people who wanted to block and obstruct their path with positive rather than negative thoughts . They sawrepparttar 147031 importance of being confident and building confidence in those around them. The importance of using their way of being to inspire those around them. When you concentrate on your thoughts you can be and get whatever you want. If you concentrate your thoughts on achieving and treating people as you wish to be treated you get success. If you concentrate your thoughts onrepparttar 147032 negative thatís what you get. The secret to entrepreneurial success is in your thoughts. You always get what you want. All you have to do is concentrate on what you really want. Concentration develops determination and perseverance. Just make sure you are concentrating onrepparttar 147033 right things. Good Luck Graham and Julie

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