Company Christmas party or holiday event planning made easy – Useful Tips

Written by Boris Cherniak

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8. Accommodations for any out of town guests and transportation to and fromrepparttar airport. 9. Taxi cabs for anyone that over-indulges inrepparttar 110066 open bar concept and to avoid liability. 10. Registration – name cards for your guests, open seating or pre-arranged seating plan. 11. Awards, door prizes and giveaways. Many of these can be donated by your suppliers or provided to you at their cost for your holiday event. It shows good faith, and don’t be surprised ifrepparttar 110067 suppliers returnrepparttar 110068 favor. 12. Party theme and décor – color scheme, chair covers, centerpieces, flowers, ice sculptures. One ofrepparttar 110069 more unique ideas I saw recently was a sports theme, where instead of elegant centerpieces, sports memorabilia was placed inrepparttar 110070 center ofrepparttar 110071 tables, which was available forrepparttar 110072 guests to take home – these included running shoes and football helmets. 13. Dress and attire. Letrepparttar 110073 attendees know what to expect to wear – formal, casual or business attire. We all heard a story of a prank where a person is invited to a pajama party when it’s a formal affair. 14. Invitations or a simple announcement inrepparttar 110074 company newsletter and bulletin board. 15. Contracts. Commit torepparttar 110075 people you will be doing business with, since it usually is done on a first come basis. Halls, performers and caterers have limited availability. Be decisive and direct. Most people will give you a price range that would depend on your choice of options. Many event suppliers will require deposits to commit. 16. Presentations – keeprepparttar 110076 speeches brief and torepparttar 110077 point. Number of speakers should be kept down to a minimum. After all, people are there to be social and not to be lectured. 17. Everyone wants to have a party on a Saturday. You may find that having an alternate day ofrepparttar 110078 week may greatly reduce your expenses and make it easier to hire entertainment and book your venue. Also, consider having your function early afternoon. A lunch is less expensive than a seven-course dinner. 18. Include a table forrepparttar 110079 crew, entertainment and other behind-the-scenes people. They, at times forget to eat to make sure your event runs smoothly. Show themrepparttar 110080 spirit ofrepparttar 110081 holiday season and include them in your celebrations. 19. If your business is busy duringrepparttar 110082 holiday season, consider having your event earlier or later. It should not make a difference if your function is held in November or January instead of December. 20. Have a cell phone handy for any last-minute emergenciesrepparttar 110083 day of your event. If a cell phone is not an option (no signal or simply unavailable), make sure your suppliers haverepparttar 110084 venue address and phone number. Your function will be attended by people from many walks of life and backgrounds - politically correct term is Holiday Party. Make it chic, memorable and fun. Have people walk away saying - I had a great time, that was incredible.” He is a wordsmith comedian, observer and commentator on society quirks, obsessions and stereotypes. Incredible Boris is not just a stage name, but also a way to describe a positive attitude and a constant state of mind. The Incredible Boris is an expert in psychology, hypnosis, body language, power of suggestion and human behavior. He authors a popular ezine “power words and phrases” through his web sites or or Boris has been featured on numerous television programs, including Montel, Howie Mandel Show andrepparttar 110085 prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. Boris’ self-hypnosis Relaxation and Motivation CD is available through his web site or as a giveaway to complement his performance at your company’s function during this holiday season. Happy Holidays.

The Incredible Boris is a comedy stage hypnotist that appears in almost 300 live performances yearly at functions for most fortune 500 companies and their competitors. He is a frequent talk show guest and delivers a comical point of view to an otherwise serious subject of human behavior and expression.

Flaming Guitars! Minarik fuels the excitement of a new generation of musicians.

Written by Scott G (The G-Man)

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Actually, his plan is much more complex than "make it attractive and build it right." Marc Minarik is as eager to talk aboutrepparttar playability of his guitars as about their construction and appearance. And if you inquire aboutrepparttar 110065 light weight andrepparttar 110066 chambered body, he is just as pleased to demonstraterepparttar 110067 superior nature of his firm's products.

The flame-shaped body isn't just flashy;repparttar 110068 size and curve ofrepparttar 110069 flames have been carefully calculated to positively affectrepparttar 110070 tone and balance ofrepparttar 110071 instrument. The flame design is eye-candy, but it'srepparttar 110072 application ofrepparttar 110073 physics of sound that makesrepparttar 110074 Minarik Inferno X-treme really hot.

With a wonderful combination of form and function,repparttar 110075 Minarik guitar line may have some interesting side effects, like bringing vitality to retail sales, launching a new generation of guitar players, and saving music from passive pop.

Not bad for a guy with a dream about a flaming guitar.

Minarik Contact: 818-383-1254

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Scott G (The G-Man) proudly plays a Minarik Inferno. He creates radio commercials and composes music for songs and spots at G-Man Music & Radical Radio. A member of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals ( and The Recording Academy (, he also writes about music for the Immedia Wire Service. He is on the Web at iTunes,,, and

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