Common Sense Advice for Search Engine Optimization

Written by Mario Sanchez

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6. A good search engine ranking is also conditioned byrepparttar amount of inbound links to your site thatrepparttar 128006 search engine finds in other websites. A significant amount of links to your page from high ranked, quality sites with content related to yours, will significantly boost your rankings. Try contactingrepparttar 128007 webmasters ofrepparttar 128008 leading websites forrepparttar 128009 keywords of your choice and try to get them to link to your site. You can offer a link exchange or place a paid link (advertising) on their pages, if that's an available option.

7. Creating a good page title tag is also key, since it's usuallyrepparttar 128010 first thingrepparttar 128011 search engines display inrepparttar 128012 search results page. Also, you must create a well written, easy to understand ‘Description' meta tag, since some search engines will use it to describe your site. The more your title and description match your preferred search keywords,repparttar 128013 more likely web users will click into your site. Don't pay too much attention torepparttar 128014 'Keywords' meta tag, since most search engines ignore them nowadays, due torepparttar 128015 potential for abuse.

Finally, one last word of advice: don't obsess with search engines, since they are notrepparttar 128016 only way to generate traffic to your site. Try different approaches, like writing articles and posting them in discussion groups and newsgroups. Also, don't overlook bricks-and-mortar techniques like passing around business cards embedded with your website address, or advertising in traditional media. It is a combination of all these things, and high quality, original content, what will make your site popular.

Mario Sanchez publishes The Internet Digest ( ), an online collection of web design and Internet marketing articles and resources. You can freely reprint his weekly articles in your website, ezine, newsletter or ebook.

Link Building That Makes Sense: Who To Link To

Written by Daria Goetsch

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Places To Seek Out Links That Make Sense It makes sense to list your website inrepparttar search engines and directories. In fact, one-way linking, such as listing your site in directories, is a good way to improve your link popularity naturally. Well, you say to yourself, of course I've done that. Besidesrepparttar 128005 major directories, what else is out there? You'd be surprised atrepparttar 128006 amount of good secondary and specialty directories that drive traffic. Some even specialize in a topic - maybe your topic. If you have a product to sell, look at who your competitor is linking to. Search for directories and business sites on your topic. Look for websites that talk aboutrepparttar 128007 widgets you sell and see if they accept submissions to their directory listings inrepparttar 128008 category for widgets. Do they accept original articles, product reviews, press releases or white papers about widgets? If so, submit your topical articles and watch your link popularity rise naturally. Always include your author bio, website link, reprint and copyright information for your company. With your good content on other websites as well as archived on your own website, there you have it, links pointing back to your website.

Think Like A Search Visitor You've heard about good navigation, website usability and other ways to keep your site visitors interested in your site. Who arerepparttar 128009 search engines catering to? Webmasters? Search Engine Marketers? Google is a prime example - they want to createrepparttar 128010 best experience for their search engine users. It all ties in together - good content, good navigation, good usability, validated code, and relevant search engine results - because it makes sense. If Google asrepparttar 128011 leader in search engines is concerned aboutrepparttar 128012 visitor, don't you thinkrepparttar 128013 other search engines following suit?

Hard Work Instead Of Worrying Focus your time on good content which uses your important keyword phrases. Optimize your web pages using those keywords. Develop your website so once your visitors arrive, they will want to stay. The world wide web uses linking to connect us all. By using hard work to create a quality website and common sense when linking you can stop worrying and start succeeding.

Daria Goetsch is the founder and Search Engine Marketing Consultant for Search Innovation Marketing (, a Search Engine Promotion company serving small businesses. She has specialized in search engine optimization since 1998, including three years as the Search Engine Specialist for O'Reilly & Associates, a technical book publishing company.

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