Common Psi-sense

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Professor Morowitz of Yale (see Rediscoveringrepparttar Mind) began a call for appreciation ofrepparttar 150519 ancients and John Wheeler backs Lynds but by and large I find I am attacked and persecuted for proposing alchemical wisdom and integration. The outright disingenuous nature of attacking new thought rather than questioningrepparttar 150520 presenter is not borne of mere ego. The hypnotic schooling along with paradigm peer pressure or Political Correctness has torn a hole inrepparttar 150521 collective soul.

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Empowering Ourselves with the New Energy Dynamic

Written by Eli Galla

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I think ofrepparttar heart’s connection as our bridge into consciously creating our reality beyond duality. Now, instead of testingrepparttar 150360 limits of positive and negative, we are free to find a frequency, (a triality), that opens a fluid channel whererepparttar 150361 oneness of our being is broadcast fromrepparttar 150362 vacuum of hyperspace, which is also known asrepparttar 150363 Cosmic Lattice.

We are changing from a carbon-based level of being into a crystalline one. The electromagnetic grids have shifted more inrepparttar 150364 past 10 years than they had inrepparttar 150365 previous 100 years.

The merging ofrepparttar 150366 spiritual withrepparttar 150367 scientific leads us torepparttar 150368 realization that we are so much more than we have previously thought. The power ofrepparttar 150369 energy of love isrepparttar 150370 essence of our being. In other words we have a compassionate creator. Science had been unwilling to acknowledge that there was an overriding intelligent creative force inrepparttar 150371 universe, but nowrepparttar 150372 energy potentials of turning our carbon based reality in a crystalline-based reality have given credence torepparttar 150373 belief that we create our reality. Thoughts become things: this is a universal law that has been tested by quantum psychics.

Each one of us constitutes an integral piece ofrepparttar 150374 puzzle of creation, and each one of us has a unique role to play that affectsrepparttar 150375 much larger multi-dimensional scheme of creation.

We are all learning how to manage energy. When I’m feelingrepparttar 150376 pull ofrepparttar 150377 old conditioning of fear, lack, & survival, it does me well to rememberrepparttar 150378 unlimited, flexible, playful potential ofrepparttar 150379 inner child within myself and everyone else.

The inner child isrepparttar 150380 essence ofrepparttar 150381 light and love that is atrepparttar 150382 core of our being. By releasing excess electromagnetic energy we are freed from old behavior patterns that we have been locked into, and we enable ourselves to see that we designed and gave permission to all of our lessons in life. This allows us to use our personal history as a support, instead of thinking of it as an obstacle.

We begin to seerepparttar 150383 synchronicity in what we have designed. This can’t help but bolster our belief thatrepparttar 150384 process of life is always bringing us our highest good. Going forrepparttar 150385 ingrained responses of fear, hatred, worry, and doubt only hold us back. It’s time to jump up intorepparttar 150386 higher realms of our being and empower ourselves withrepparttar 150387 light and love that is inherently ours.

Eli Galla is a certified practitioner ofrepparttar 150388 first four sessions ofrepparttar 150389 EMF Balancing Technique®. He has lived in Seattle for 15 years. He helps his clients integraterepparttar 150390 new energy dynamic, by providing information about prayer, meditation, and nutrition. He may be contacted at 206-344-5164, &

Eli Galla is a certified practitioner of the first four sessions of the EMF Balancing Technique®. He helps his clients integrate the new energy dynamic with prayer, meditation, and nutrition. Phone 206-344-5164, &

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