Common Internet Myths

Written by Lisa Spurlin

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Myth #4 - You'll get millions of new customers by putting up a billboard onrepparttar Information Superhighway

Typically, this pitch is given alongrepparttar 118898 lines of "Imagine adding 30-40 million new prospects to your target market almost overnight. That is whatrepparttar 118899 Internet can do for you". This, in our opinion, is a less-than ethical pitch from promoters. The reality is that, unlike real billboards on a highway, nobody will pass by your Web site onrepparttar 118900 way to somewhere else. It is much more like building a place in a desert and then having to buildrepparttar 118901 road to you. People only come to your Web site if they know you are there; they must have your Web address to visit you.

Myth #5 - Internet malls haverepparttar 118902 same benefits as real malls

Internet malls do not haverepparttar 118903 same benefits as real malls. In a real mall, you stroll by stores and look inrepparttar 118904 windows. If you see something you like, you walk inside. In an Internet mall, you don't pass by other shops onrepparttar 118905 way to another store. Many Internet mall owners claim you will get increased traffic because you are in their mall. The reality is that it's just as easy to get buried in a mall as anywhere else onrepparttar 118906 Internet. Some Internet malls are so large that your competition will be in there with you. Internet mall owners promoterepparttar 118907 mall, notrepparttar 118908 mall tenants. Therefore, it's usuallyrepparttar 118909 mall owner - notrepparttar 118910 business located inrepparttar 118911 mall - that makesrepparttar 118912 money.

Myth #6 - You don't need to own or use a computer to make money onrepparttar 118913 Internet

I have spent over 5 years studying Internet Marketing and I know of no company or individual that ever prospered onrepparttar 118914 Internet without owning or using a computer. Investingrepparttar 118915 time to learnrepparttar 118916 Web and E-mail will provide excellent benefits to your business. Depending onrepparttar 118917 size of your business, you could save from $5,00.00 to $50,000.00 per year on postage charges, FedEx charges and printing costs by providing information on your Web site and using e-mail. Your customers will also appreciaterepparttar 118918 quick response that e-mail provides.

Satisfied customers = increased business.

In addition, your customers have access to your business 24 hours per day, 365 days per year!

I am the owner of i-Netovation, an ID/TW and Internet Consulting firm devoted to providing the best solutions using only the latest technology, software and skills.

I am an energetic, self-motivated, and flexible documentation specialist and Certified Technical trainer experienced in numerous applications and Internet technologies.

I have been providing training and Internet solutions to government, non-profit and commercial organizations for more than eight years.



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