Common Health Disorders and their Dietary Solutions

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COMMON COLD – These foods are helpful for fighting colds: grapefruit and other fruit juices and sections, garlic, horseradish, zinc lozenges, slippery elm tea and other vitamin C foods; broccoli, kale, potatoes and tomatoes. CONSTIPATION – Remedies include cod liver oil, dandelion coffee, fresh fruits and vegetables, parsley, warm water, and slippery elm tea. COUGHING – Drink warm, unsalted water in which potatoes were boiled. Or try warm milk with molasses and nutmeg added. CRAMPS – Potassium-rich foods help – bananas! DIARRHEA – Include in your diet: warm milk, sweet potatoes and RAB (rice, apple sauce and bananas). FLU – Healthy food choices include grapefruit and garlic and beef broth. GALLSTONES – Ease up on fats and refined sugars, eat more fiber; fresh fruits and vegetables (steamed veggies, too). Clear liquids are best; apple juice, broth, gelatin, 7-Up. Also include whole grains cereals, pastas and breads like pumpernickel and wheat rye, popcorn, wheat crackers and add oat bran in recipes. Lean meats and low-fat dairy products are recommended. GOUT – Go light inrepparttar protein end and drink lots of fluids. Avoid foods with high purine content; animal organs, some shellfish and seafood (herring, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, roe, mussels, scallops) and gravy. Skip alcohol consumption. Eat carbohydrates like rice, pasta, fruits, vegetables and potatoes. HEADACHES – Almonds are good for pain relief. So if Gatorade and ginger. HEART TROUBLE – Onions and tarragon are good choices. Also skip alcohol consumption; go low of caffeine and no smoking. HEMORRHOIDS – Increaserepparttar 149533 fiber in your diet- - slow-and-steady. And drink lots of fluids. Food choices are wheat bran, whole grain cereals, vegetables, apples, berries, prunes, figs, dates, beans, lentils and peas. HIC-CUPS – Drink water and then eat some bread. Other “cures” are a teaspoon of honey or slowly drinking a glass of ice water covered with a paper towel (and drinking it throughrepparttar 149534 paper towel). INDIGESTION – For stomach trouble, try a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water. Other food choices are eating cucumbers or apples with their peels on, bay leaves, parsley, watercress, fresh pineapple, raw carrots, grated horseradish and herbal teas: chamomile, peppermint, dill, rosemary. Lemon in coffee and mint tea with honey also help. INSOMNIA – Eat a boiled onion before going to sleep. MENOPAUSE – Keep going withrepparttar 149535 calcium, ladies. Go light now on coffee, tea, salt, proteins. Better are decaffeinated beverages, herbal teas, herbs instead of salt like garlic, onion and lemon. Chose lean cuts and lower-fat dairy products, whole grains, bran, fresh fruits, vegetables, lentils. MORNING SICKNESS – Before bed, eat a healthy fruit or vegetable that is difficult to digest, like a carrot or apple withrepparttar 149536 skin on, or celery. OSTEOPOROSIS – Go low onrepparttar 149537 caffeine, salt and tobacco. And choose decaffeinated beverages and herbal teas. Instead of salt, use onion, garlic or lemon seasoning. Up your calcium / low-fat dairy intake; yogurt, cheese, milk, soy milk, tofu, shellfish, sardines, salmon, oysters, dark green vegetables (not spinach); cabbage, collards, broccoli. STOMACH ACHE / UPSET– Warm cinnamon tea, hot mint tea, herbal peppermint tea or ginger spiced tea will help. STRESS – Combination of drinking water, relax / exercise first. Later – slowly eat small amount of healthy foods – fruits, veggies. URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS – Cranberry juice or barley water can help.

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Stop Smoking – Without Weight Gain

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Most smoking cessation programs and products do very little to ‘settlerepparttar nerves.’ When a person is trying to quit smoking and atrepparttar 149532 same time, trying to refrain from overeating –repparttar 149533 nervousness,repparttar 149534 jitters,repparttar 149535 crabbiness, will drive a person to either eat or smoke.

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