Common Format Of A Wedding Reception

Written by Matt Campbell

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Toasts The toast is whenrepparttar bride and groom toast each other then interlock arms and drink. Immediately following,repparttar 122047 best man and maid/matron of honor make toasts torepparttar 122048 bridal couple. Be prepared for other family and friends to follow with their toasts too.

Bride & Groom’s First Dance The Bride & Groom’s Dance isrepparttar 122049 first dance between a bride and groom as a married couple. The dance is also commonly known asrepparttar 122050 "First Dance". The timing ofrepparttar 122051 bride groom dance can vary inrepparttar 122052 evening based on your preferences. The first dance can be done immediately followingrepparttar 122053 grand entrance withrepparttar 122054 wedding party circlingrepparttar 122055 dance.

Father & Daughter’s Dance The Father & Daughter’s Dance orrepparttar 122056 Father Bride Dance isrepparttar 122057 dance betweenrepparttar 122058 father(s) ofrepparttar 122059 bride andrepparttar 122060 bride. Brides, if you have more than one father in your life, one can taprepparttar 122061 other onrepparttar 122062 shoulder inrepparttar 122063 middle ofrepparttar 122064 dance so you can dance with both of them. If you do not have a father, a common substitute is a father figure or even your brother would make a very nice gesture.

Mother & Groom’s Dance The Mother & Groom’s dance isrepparttar 122065 dance betweenrepparttar 122066 mother(s) ofrepparttar 122067 groom andrepparttar 122068 groom. Grooms, if you have more than one mother in your life, one can taprepparttar 122069 other onrepparttar 122070 shoulder inrepparttar 122071 middle ofrepparttar 122072 dance so you can dance with both of them. If you do not have a mother, a common substitute is a mother figure or even your sister would make a very nice gesture.

Special Dances There may be songs in your life that mean dear to your heart. You can askrepparttar 122073 music entertainment to play these songs duringrepparttar 122074 night or immediately followingrepparttar 122075 formal dances. An example would be: If someone dear to you passed recently, you may askrepparttar 122076 music entertainment to play Angels Among Us by Alabama.

Bouquet and Garter Toss The traditional tossing ofrepparttar 122077 bouquet is whenrepparttar 122078 bride tossesrepparttar 122079 bridal bouquet to all single women in attendance. Immediately followingrepparttar 122080 bouquet tossing, a chair is set inrepparttar 122081 middle ofrepparttar 122082 dance floor. The chair is forrepparttar 122083 bride to sit andrepparttar 122084 groom to removerepparttar 122085 bride's garter from her leg. The traditional tossing ofrepparttar 122086 garter is whenrepparttar 122087 groom tossesrepparttar 122088 bride's garter to allrepparttar 122089 single men in attendance. The people whom catchrepparttar 122090 garter and bouquet are said to berepparttar 122091 next one to marry.

Dancing and Fun This is what you payrepparttar 122092 music entertainment to do...get people to dance and have a good time. Giverepparttar 122093 music entertainment music examples and limitations of what type of music you want but don’t give them a list of 100 songs they need to play.

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Secrets Your Husband/Significant Other Don't Want You to Know

Written by Marie Magdala Roker

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7.When His Voice Goes High, or He Answers a Question Withrepparttar Same Question, He’s Thinking of a Lie.

If you ask your man, “What You’d Do Today?’ and he replies “What I’d Do Today?” he’s probably thinking of lie. It doesn’t mean that he did something inappropriate, just something you wouldn’t approve of. Maybe, he left work early to hang out withrepparttar 122046 guys. If he told you this, you’d be upset because you had a long day at work or at home withrepparttar 122047 kids. The problem is he was having too much fun to think about if you would ask him that question, so he didn’t plan a lie beforehand.

8.Nothing is Wrong, So Stop Asking Him

Admit it, you see your man sitting quietly and you naturally assume something is wrong or has happened. So you ask, “What’s wrong?” and he replies, “Nothing, I’m just thinking.” Well, this answer doesn’t satisfy you, so you ask again throughoutrepparttar 122048 day, which leads to his frustration. Men reflect too! He was probably thinking about how he wants to change careers, if you are satisfied and happy with him, how he can make more money, how he doesn’t want to grow old and fat, or how he would really like to buy that sports car. Ask him once, and then leave it alone. If you really sense something is wrong, give him some time and talk to him when you both feel like talking.

9.Most Men are Conquerors and Most Women are Venters

You just told him about your horrible experience at work. You want him to comfort and console you; instead he gives you logical facts about how to solverepparttar 122049 problem. You feel cheated. You wanted to share your feelings aboutrepparttar 122050 day and all he wanted to do was fixrepparttar 122051 problem. Men like to offer solutions. Most men are not concerned about being in touch with their feelings when there’s a conflict. You want to feel understood; he wants to makerepparttar 122052 problem go away. He can’t relate to how you are feeling, so he does what he knows best, helps you to plan a solution.

10.He Wants to Feel Successful. A man needs to feel he has accomplished something in life, and often times that accomplishment is found in their jobs or careers. Men don’t like to feel conflicted between work and quality time with their families. To men, if they are working hard to earn money, this will improverepparttar 122053 quality of their family’s life.

Marie Magdala Roker is an Academic and Personal Development Coach and Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor who works with parents to help them unlock and nurture the personal and academic potential in their children and motivate their children to success. You can find her on the web at or

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