Written by Lynne Schulze

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This can leave you questioning your dreams or even your sanity! Take some comfort inrepparttar fact that you are not alone. All those who wish to make a better life for themselves, will meet with resistence

Think of athletes or performers in any field. The endless hours of practice and learning. The lack of a social life. The defeats . The huge amount of sacrifices and challenges these people have to meet so they can fulfill their dreams. Only YOU can decide whetherrepparttar 116792 rewards you look forward to are worth your effort.

A serious commitment to a goal does not mean you have to take allrepparttar 116793 joy and fun out of life. Laughter and humour are an integeral part ofrepparttar 116794 human make up. Intergrate fun into your daily goals.

Learnrepparttar 116795 difference betweeen giving up and giving in. There may be many times when giving up a certain direction or idea, would be wise. Giving in, onrepparttar 116796 other hand, should never even be considered.

Life presents itself one day at a time. Take your commitments in daily bite-sized pieces. You can do without mental indigestion! One brick at a time, a house is built. One stroke at a time,repparttar 116797 artist paints! Copyright (c) Lynne Schulze

Lynne is the webmaster of and a member of the international association of home business entrepreneurs

Want To Make Money Online? You Need To Sell What People Are Buying!

Written by Opal R. Gilbert

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Now, just because you have some exclusive items it doesnít mean you can gorge people on prices. Keeping your prices low is your number one way to attract customers, and itís no real sacrifice on your part. The profit margin on gifts and collectibles like figurines, ornaments, jewelry and home accents is huge, so youíll definitely be better off to keep your prices low and attract more customers.

There are some very good business opportunities out there for smart people looking to sell giftware online or offline. For example, you can buy your inventory from at wholesale prices, then markup your prices a bit to make a profit.

If you want to take advantage of this tremendous market get started now and then youíll be ready forrepparttar holidays and any special events. However, offering a varied inventory of high-quality giftware and collectibles, fine jewelry, and exclusive giftware will all but guarantee your success at any time ofrepparttar 116791 year. After all, birthdays happen every day, as well as anniversaries and other special days. No matterrepparttar 116792 time of year,repparttar 116793 demand for quality gifts is always there. When youíre trying to make a profit, isnít thatrepparttar 116794 bottom line?

Author Opal R. Gilbert is president of O.R. Gilbert Enterprises and runs Global Specialty Gifts. For more information or to shop for these unique and exclusive products visit . Contact Opal R. Gilbert by email at Telephone No: (212) 685-1729; toll free: (888) 241-3267. Also, ask aboutrepparttar 116795 fantastic business opportunity.

Opal R. Gilbert Is President and Owner O.R. Gilbert Enterprises.She runs Global Specialty Gifts which has over 3,000 giftware and collectible items. Visit the website at:

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