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Thus having ten mini-sites of strong high demand every day products getting 10% commission has a higher long range residual profitability margin than having one site with a 50% commission for each product sold.

Another advantage to having all of your affiliate programs in one place is that your earnings are combined. What this means is that, no matter how many companies you're affiliated with on Commission Junction, each company submits your daily earnings to Commission Junction who, in turn, cuts your check and sends it off to you.

This means less work keeping track of your income, less waiting for accumulated commission checks totalingrepparttar usual $100 minimum, and less paperwork come tax time.

Now this may not seem like a big deal to someone who's happy selling one or two products, but if you consider that some niche marketers have well over 100 niche sites, keeping track of everything on a per product basis could get quite overwhelming.

So using a company like Commission Junction has its definite advantages forrepparttar 139328 niche marketer. Through them you can sell anything from soup to nuts, monitor all of your niche products in one place, and never worry about keeping track ofrepparttar 139329 earnings each niche brings you.

Commission Junction takes care of all that for you. You can find out how much you've earned over all, what earnings you've received from individual affiliate programs, and be assured that your check will reach you in a timely manner.

They also supervise and take care of problems with their sponsored companies, so you never have to worry about a program you belong to going "belly up" while you're aggressively promoting their product.

Yes there are plenty of reasons to join Commission Junction if you're serious about niche marketing. Just take a look at allrepparttar 139330 companies they sponsor and ponder over allrepparttar 139331 worry free possible niches you could create through them.

The sky'srepparttar 139332 limit!

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So as you can see that can really add up. Here isrepparttar payment methods. "You will be paid onrepparttar 139172 15th of every month forrepparttar 139173 previous months earnings if your balance reaches $50.00 or more. If you choose to be paid with a check you will have to wait 3-7 days. The payment will be made within 24-72 hours if you choose PayPal / StormPay or ." To sign-up visit this link

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