Commercial Collections: Business Finance Booster Shot

Written by Joel Walsh

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Worse, it seems thatrepparttar largerrepparttar 151177 business,repparttar 151178 less likely they are to pay on time. “Net 10 days” might as well be a foreign language in Fortune 500 land. The long-standing advice given to B2B businesses and self-employed people is thatrepparttar 151179 money is in big corporations. But good luck getting it from them before your rent is due.

What I Should Have Done

Looking back on my experience withrepparttar 151180 deadbeat corporate client, my biggest mistake was doing it all myself, with writingrepparttar 151181 letters and makingrepparttar 151182 phone calls. With an hourly rate of about $75, I ended up spendingrepparttar 151183 time equivalent of a large chunk of my $2000 fee.

I should have gone to a collection agency. I just didn’t know then that were collection agencies that would take on small business debts and runrepparttar 151184 whole process for you for as little as $20 per debt.

Of course, I also didn’t know that going to a collection agency didn’t necessarily mean “putting an account in collections.” Many collection agencies are in fact refashioning themselves as “accounts receivable management” specialists; they’ll even manage your invoicing from end-to-end if you want. The client may not even realizing thatrepparttar 151185 person onrepparttar 151186 phone is from an outside agency and not your own personal assistant.

When I think of allrepparttar 151187 value ofrepparttar 151188 time I spent collecting that last $2,000, I could kick myself for not handing it over to a collection agency. But, I can always look forward to putting this knowledge into practicerepparttar 151189 next time I have a client who’s slow in paying.

Joel Walsh suggests you start here to learn more about commercial collections: [Web publication requirement: create live link for the URL/web address using "commercial collections" as visible link text/anchor text.]

Are Your RSS Feeds Auto Discovery Friendly?

Written by Lynette Chandler

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If it's not there then just add them. You don't need all of them. As you probably already figured it out, each one of them refer torepparttar feed type you have but since most readers support all of them these days, it really isn't that important anymore. Now, save your template and upload it to your website and that's it. You're all set. Get someone who has Firefox, Opera or Safari browsers to check it.

Before I go, here are two little tips that would help your RSS distribution and subscription using auto discovery. 1. Putrepparttar 151176 auto discovery tag in other web pages too. Just because it's not a blog doesn't mean you can't have an RSS feed on it. Take advantage of that, put your feed in your main website's template. Now you have two opportunities to get in touch with people. When you update your website and when you update your blog. 2. If you use a service like FeedBurner to track your subscriptions, remember to updaterepparttar 151177 feed URL in your blog or website template. This way, you're capturing all your feed traffic statistics.

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