Comedians Stumble Upon Viral Marketing Concept

Written by Matt Hockin

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Althoughrepparttar idea seems painfully simple, it appears to be uncharted territory. Many people circulate jokes overrepparttar 134297 Internet as a marketing tool, and many people circulate eBooks, but nobody seems to be circulating joke eBooks - until now. Stoecklein says that their eBooks take advantage ofrepparttar 134298 massive appeal of humor, but he stresses thatrepparttar 134299 hyperlinks in their books are not deleted by readers like they are in regular email jokes. Therefore,repparttar 134300 potential for subsequent web site traffic is much greater.


Roye and Stoecklein launched on March 3, 2001 by sending one of their eBooks to just a handful of friends and family members. Within days, they had recorded over 30,000 hits from several countries all overrepparttar 134301 world.

"We hardly did anything!" says Roye. "Within hours, we had people in Finland reading our books. I don't know about you, but I don't know anybody in Finland... Fresno yes, Finland no."

Whilerepparttar 134302 forecast may look good for,repparttar 134303 two comedians admit that everything is far from perfect and that they are continuously perfectingrepparttar 134304 concept.

"We're learning as we go," Roye says. "We're comedians, not Internet experts. Our biggest flaw is that we often ignorerepparttar 134305 rules." And what is their biggest strength?

"We often ignorerepparttar 134306 rules," he smiles.

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10 Free resources you can use to get your viral marketing campaigns started

Written by Pam Renovato

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Also Bigmail will also allow you to give away email with your domain in it. The email is web based and you are allowed 20% of rotating banner space.

5. Create a top 100 site. If you wanted you could create your own top 100 business sites list for others to join. Each person who joins will send traffic to your site in their attempts to be ranked higher onrepparttar list. Which in turn brings them more traffic. Not a bad set up. Simply go here:

6. Give away free guest books. Each guest book that you give away will have a link to your site on it. If you gave away 50 free guest books to 50 web masters to use on their site, you automatically have 50 web sites linking to you. Everyone who signs one of those 50 guest books will be exposed to your web site. The multiplication possibilities are endless!

7. Provide free digital postcards. Your visitors will be allowed to send digital greeting cards for all occasions and just for fun. Every time one of your visitors send a digital postcard from your site,repparttar 134296 receiver ofrepparttar 134297 postcard will be givenrepparttar 134298 location of where they may pick up their postcard. They must pick up their postcard at your site on a post office page that you create and they will be directed to your site to send postcards of their own.

On top of all of that each post card sent and received from your site will have a link to your site and will state 'This is a free service provided from (your name)'. The multiplication possibilities are endless!

8. Add referral scripts to your site. You will be surprised at how many people will recommend you if they enjoyed your site. If you wish, you could use free ebooks you created from above as a free gift to those who recommend your site to others. This will increase your recommendations. You can get a free referral script form:

9. Start a web ring. You will always have other web sites linking to you if you do this. A web ring is simply a group of sites that have chosen to link to each other. Each web site displays a graphic that allowsrepparttar 134299 visitor to tour other sites inrepparttar 134300 same ring. Get a free web ring at:

10. Finallyrepparttar 134301 most obvious, but sometimes over looked- Always, always ask your subscribers to forward your ezine to those they think might enjoy it. Very often they will.

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