Come to Tea: An Elegant Garden Gathering

Written by Debbie Rodgers

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Food Other than teaspoons, no cutlery should be required at tea. All sandwiches and sweets should be dainty finger-food. Try sandwiches of watercress, cucumber, or egg withrepparttar crusts removed and cut in quarters. Sugar cookies and petit fours are traditional sweets. You can substitute mini-cupcakes or tiny tarts.

Tea One ofrepparttar 125462 first things that I learned in seventh grade home economics class was how to brew a proper pot of hot tea, but that was many years ago. I suspect that tea-making is becoming a lost art.

Tea is actuallyrepparttar 125463 common name of one plant: Camillia sinesis. The three basic types of tea -- black, green and oolong -- are distinguished byrepparttar 125464 amount of oxidization thatrepparttar 125465 tea leaves have undergone. The more than 3,000 varieties of tea inrepparttar 125466 world are all derived from those three basic types.

Herbal teas -- more properly, tisane or infusion -- are made from a wide variety of flowers, herbs, barks, berries, fruits and spices.

At a minimum, offer your guests a traditional tea and a caffeine-free herbal choice. Have milk (not cream!), sugar and fresh lemon wedges available.

So, dust off your teacups and your manners and sit down with your girlfriends for a proper tea party. It's a lovely summer interlude!

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How to Write Your Own Winning Resume, Using a Resume Template

Written by Fayola Peters

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In this section you need to place your most recent or highest degree first. (Chooserepparttar one that is most relevant to your job objective inrepparttar 125461 number one spot.) Then putrepparttar 125462 name ofrepparttar 125463 school below.

The information you include in your work history/experience section depends onrepparttar 125464 resume format you have chosen. This is not an autobiography; you may not want to include every job you ever did. Unless of course allrepparttar 125465 experience you have had is relevant torepparttar 125466 job you’re currently seeking.

In this section staterepparttar 125467 positions you've held,repparttar 125468 dates you heldrepparttar 125469 positions andrepparttar 125470 relevant and specific tasks you accomplished. Your references section is easiest to complete. All you need to place here is 'Available upon Request'.

Note: Make a references sheet where you list your references and their contact information. Take this with you when you go to your interview.

Now that you know how your information should fit into a resume template, searchrepparttar 125471 internet for some free resume templates and put it into practice.

Fayola Peters is a professional resume writer Are You Looking For a Better Job? A professional resume will be yours…only when our expert writes it. Our powerful resumes are guaranteed to get you a job interview.

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