Come Visit Bombay, And You'll Be Hooked

Written by Ernest C. Lancaster

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There is nothing likerepparttar spectacle of seeing and hearing thousands of snow geese coming in for a landing. With one small exception,repparttar 141352 road will accommodate tour buses and RV's. To really getrepparttar 141353 most out of Bombay Hook, consider picking uprepparttar 141354 cassette tape narratingrepparttar 141355 auto tour that is available fromrepparttar 141356 Visitors center. Keep your eyes peeled alongrepparttar 141357 side ofrepparttar 141358 road. Watch for wading birds, like herons and egrets which feed onrepparttar 141359 fish inrepparttar 141360 ponds and ditches, which linerepparttar 141361 tour route.

As many as 315 bird species have been counted onrepparttar 141362 refuge. One ofrepparttar 141363 more interesting and rare birds to see here is repparttar 141364 bald eagle. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to see one of these magnificent birds. You can't miss a mature eagle with it's snow white head. There is no mistaking an eagle when it flies. It's probably one ofrepparttar 141365 most graceful things you will ever witness. It very amazing when you realize just how large this bird really is. Bombay Hook is repparttar 141366 perfect place forrepparttar 141367 symbol of our country to call home. The salt marshes are ideal and those fish are an important source of food for many birds, including bald eagles and their young.

For a little variety,repparttar 141368 250 year old Allee House is open to visitors onrepparttar 141369 weekend duringrepparttar 141370 spring and fall. This historic house is inrepparttar 141371 process of being restored. It's a excellent example of an 18th century farmhouse in this area.

If that's not enough to keep you busy,repparttar 141372 Friends of Bombay Hook (a non-profit group) offers many activities year-round. These include field trips, workshops forrepparttar 141373 whole family, and presentations by leaders in different environmental fields.

Whether you are a nature person, or just looking for something fun and different to do on your vacation, Bombay Hook is a great place to spend time and learn. The Refuge is open daily from Sunrise to Sunset.

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The History of Lancaster Castle Pt2

Written by Stuart Bazga

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As a convict awaiting transportation you were entitled torepparttar “Kings Allowance” of 2s and 6d a week. The government were charged anything from £8 to £12 per prisoner andrepparttar 141351 escorting jailers received a set fee per mile for each prisoner.

If you could not pay your debts and were found guilty you would have found yourself serving time inrepparttar 141352 castles debtors’ prison. The castle housed between 3 to 400 debtors at any one time who would be required to work withinrepparttar 141353 prison.

Life as debtors was quite comfortable compared torepparttar 141354 other inmates and you would receive in payment for your work 3 ozs of bread, 4ozs of oatmeal daily and 1oz of salt and 10 lbs of potatoes on a weekly basis.

If you were one ofrepparttar 141355 lucky ones who had access to money from friends or family then your stay in prison was even more luxurious. You could choose your own type of accommodation fromrepparttar 141356 22 rooms set aside for just such people. The price ranged from 5s to 30s and included a fire, candles, cutlery and a servant who didrepparttar 141357 cooking and cleaning. The lifestyle did not stop there. You were able to buy beer and wine, purchase tobacco and newspapers, buy meat, groceries, fruit and vegetables fromrepparttar 141358 debtor’s market which was held inrepparttar 141359 castle yard. You could carry on with your profession and have visitors from morning until night.

And you thought life was a hardship in prison!

Until 1902 whenrepparttar 141360 Borstal system was introduced, if you were caught as a child committing an offence you could be expected to be fined or sentenced to five days hard labour. The resulting fine of 7s and 6d meant that for most families their children went to prison and completed five days of hard labour.

Lancaster has not been short of royal visitors during her 800 years. The first visitor of note was King John who held court and receivedrepparttar 141361 French Ambassadors and King Alexander of Scotland in 1206. From that point in time there was a steady stream of visitors.

Inrepparttar 141362 1400’s Henry IV held his court inrepparttar 141363 castle and it was also patronized by Edward IV. Both James I and Charles II visited duringrepparttar 141364 17th century. Byrepparttar 141365 1800’s, Lancaster was a very popular place to visit with nine Royal visits.

The first was in 1803 with Prince William Fredrick of Gloucester. Queen Adelaide visited in 1840 and Queen Victoria, Prince Albert andrepparttar 141366 Royal children spent time there in 1852.

The most recent royal visitor was Queen Elizabeth in 1999.

Today Lancaster Castle is a thriving tourist attraction, working prison and court room.

I hope you have enjoyed this two part series onrepparttar 141367 History of Lancaster Castle and when you find yourself inrepparttar 141368 area, pay her a visit.

Best Wishes Stuart Bazga

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