Colours - an Introduction

Written by Jen McCormack

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The colour Red representsrepparttar star sign Aries and Scorpio.

The Colour Yellow... Assists With : Psychic Ability, Mental Strength, Wisdom

Yellow enhances and improves psychic abilities, it builds upon your wisdom and allows for clarity of thought. Yellow mentally stimulates and enhances communication. Yellow enables your mental powers to rise torepparttar 143512 surface and creates a peace that enables you to move forward and grow spiritually.

The colour Yellow representsrepparttar 143513 star sign Leo and Virgo.

The Colour Purple... Assists With : Healing, Power, Strength, Spirituality

Another one ofrepparttar 143514 powerful and intense colours, used correctly purple can enhance and strengthen healing and assist us in our journey towards true spirituality. Look for people you know to be spirituality “in-tune” and I am sure you will find some shade ofrepparttar 143515 colour purple on them.

The colour Purple representsrepparttar 143516 star sign Pisces.

The Colour Blue... Assists With : Healing, Sleep, Peace, Honesty

Blue is most children’s favourite colour – ever wonder why? Blue is an extremely powerful colour it delves deep intorepparttar 143517 psyche. Blue heals and promotes growth, it isrepparttar 143518 colour associated with royalty and nobility. Blue isrepparttar 143519 colour of respect, it allows one to overcome fear and helps promote and foster inner calmness. Peace, serenity and sense of ones self can be achieved throughrepparttar 143520 colour blue.

The colour Blue representsrepparttar 143521 star sign Aquarius.

The Colour Orange... Assists With : Legal Matters, Empowerment, Success,

Orange is almost an undiscovered colour and is only now starting its long awaited ride torepparttar 143522 top ofrepparttar 143523 colour charts. Orange is not only an antidepressant it also stimulates and excitesrepparttar 143524 mind. Anyone with a desire to enhance and add direction and purpose to their life can do with a little orange (orange can be quite powerful, take mind not to add too much though).

The colour Orange representsrepparttar 143525 star sign Libra and Leo.

The Colour White... Assists With : Protection, Peace, Spirituality, Serenity

White isrepparttar 143526 colour of Protection, Peace, Spirituality and Serenity. It isrepparttar 143527 colour we “see”, when we see good, just and right. White protects it hasrepparttar 143528 ability to cradle and encase. White allows for complete peace, it conveys openness, encourages warmth, purification and leads to a complete and unconditional sense of serenity.

The colour White representsrepparttar 143529 star sign Cancer.

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Palmistry - an Introduction

Written by Jen McCormack

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If you look at your hand there are generally three major lines running off fromrepparttar thumb area,repparttar 143511 Heart Line isrepparttar 143512 top one (closest torepparttar 143513 fingers). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Life Line deals with matters of health and your well-being. This line is read downwards towardsrepparttar 143514 wrist. If your life line is long and clear you have good health and vitality you approach each day with allrepparttar 143515 enthusiasm it deserves. A short and faint line means that you lack energy and may be somewhat frail, time to recharge your batteries! Breaks inrepparttar 143516 line show many changes inrepparttar 143517 direction of life. If you have a break in only one hand this shows an illness followed by a speedy recovery - in both hands inrepparttar 143518 same area shows a slightly more serious illness. If your life line ends in a fork this indicates long distance travel. Two small branches means money

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fate Line deals with money, career and ethics decisions. This line is read upwards. If your fate line is straight and unbroken this means a successful, untroubled life. If you fate line breaks this indicates sudden changes. We arerepparttar 143519 accumulation of our life experiences, we always needrepparttar 143520 downs to help us appreciate just how wonderfulrepparttar 143521 ups are. If your fate line starts fromrepparttar 143522 head line or heart line this indicates success late in life, usually by your own hand (pardonrepparttar 143523 pun!)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affection Line deals with marriage and children. This line is read fromrepparttar 143524 little finger towardsrepparttar 143525 thumb. The morerepparttar 143526 marrier!.... OK so poetry is not my strong point. The more (strong defined) lines you have in this arearepparttar 143527 more relationships you will have. If your lines are strong and defined a happy relationship will be, however broken lines will lead to a separation for thee (and you didn't think I could rhyme). If your affection line curves down you will out live your partner.

Fromrepparttar 143528 affection line running up torepparttar 143529 base ofrepparttar 143530 little finger arerepparttar 143531 child lines, obviously indicative ofrepparttar 143532 number of children you have each line indicatesrepparttar 143533 number of children,repparttar 143534 line for a boy is darker thanrepparttar 143535 line for girl.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sun Line some times referred to asrepparttar 143536 Line of Apollo, this line deals with your happiness and enjoyment of life. This line is read upwards. A clear and straight sun line shows a lucky person. If your sun line starts from your life line or your fate line you will have many successes as a result of using your talents. If your sun line starts from head line your success will come to you in your middle ages.

Ifrepparttar 143537 line of sun is absent this does not mean thatrepparttar 143538 owner will be unsuccessful with money. A financially secure person without a line of sun will normally have a well defined line of fate. A line of sun is more closely associated with contentment and for some contentment comes when material happiness does.

Jen has a wealth of information to share with almost anyone interested in esoteric avenues. She spends the majority of her time on bringing you the best new age resources available at

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