Colors: Mixed and Matched!

Written by Kristine Llabres

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6. Reverse text out of tinted boxes White can be your third color and keep in mind that reverses are hard to read, so use it only when badly needed.

7.You can use laser foil as well. Several manufacturers see sheet of foil that you can use in your laser printer for best results. Another is that you can even able to make up a master copy on an inkjet printer, just use a foil with a copier. Just be careful in applyingrepparttar foil and runningrepparttar 140729 printer for it maybe time consuming.

8.Try using rubber stamping. For instance in scrap booking, there is different rubber stamps out there. You can just choose and be creative!

9.Make use of scissors with unusual edges. Those die cuts are really expensive. The poor manís die cut can be made using scissors with unusual edges; you can innovate and create your own style according to your own taste.

10.Lastly, to add style you can use stickers. It could be something as simple as it is but then it is biting!

Donít be afraid to explore, experiment and discover. Changes forrepparttar 140730 better is always been good and advisable, just make sure that youíve express yourself with worthwhile things then. Try it on and see for yourself!

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Change Your Word Docs In Record Time!

Written by Cavyl Stewart

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And those with whom you do business need to know about these changesrepparttar moment they occur. Time is money so any way you can cut down onrepparttar 140587 amount of time a task takes,repparttar 140588 less money you waste.

IT departments love WordPipe. But even if your business is not yet large enough to hire a full-time IT staff, you wonít lose with WordPipe. WordPipe is accountable, too! Its change log lets you know exactly where it made changes.

It doesnít matter whether you need to find and replace information that is contained inside headers, footers, textboxes, links, hyperlinks, hyperlink addresses, field codes or any other built-in or customized document property, in any folder or sub-folder. Even files marked as read-only can be modified using repparttar 140589 special tool.

Need to change your company logo wherever it appears in your documents? No problem. WordPipe will work on a number of file types including .doc, .rtf, .html, .htm, .dot, .txt, .asc, .ans, .wri, .mcw, .wpd, .wps or any custom document type.

WordPipe supports all versions of Microsoft Word except Word 97 and earlier. This add-in runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and 2003.

So rememberrepparttar 140590 one golden rule of business: Nothing staysrepparttar 140591 same. Accept this. Then seek outrepparttar 140592 tools that will help your business keep up with these changes. And, most importantly, ensurerepparttar 140593 information your business generates is kept current, or your customers will go elsewhere!

Cavyl Stewart is the author of "135 Hot Tech Tips for Small Business Owners." To Download your free copy, just visit:

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