Colombian Coffee

Written by Randy Wilson

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For many decades Colombia wasrepparttar world’s second leading producer of coffee behind Brazil. Recently, Vietnam surpassed Colombia in coffee exports to takerepparttar 147056 number two seat and move Colombia into a close third. However,repparttar 147057 old adage of quality over quantity certainly applies here. The Arabica bean does not grow well in Vietnam. Onlyrepparttar 147058 hearty, yet inferior, Robusta is suited forrepparttar 147059 low, wet climate of Vietnam. Colombian coffee is far superior and is considered by many coffee experts to berepparttar 147060 finest inrepparttar 147061 world.

Any discussion on Colombian coffee would not be complete without mentioningrepparttar 147062 wildly successful marketing campaign created byrepparttar 147063 National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers in 1959 which introducedrepparttar 147064 world torepparttar 147065 friendly and affable Juan Valdez. Though a fictitious character,repparttar 147066 poncho clad, sombrero wearing Juan Valdez gave a face torepparttar 147067 humble coffee picker and created a mystique and aura of romance that still survives today. A recent survey reported that 85% of Americans still associaterepparttar 147068 name Juan Valdez with Colombian coffee. Quite an accomplishment, especially considering that only 75% acknowledged recognizingrepparttar 147069 name Dan Quayle.

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Belgian waffle irons - waffles are the ultimate comfort food

Written by Tracye Gano

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Withrepparttar Chef’s Choice Waffle Pro you can dial in how done you want your waffles whether you like them golden brown with a crisp exterior or a deep baked uniform texture this waffle iron can take care of it. Commercial waffle irons today also come with a non-stick surface making removal much easier than those first waffle irons.

With Waffle Exotica you are no longer limited to a round or square waffle. Waffle Exotica offers such fun shapes as hearts and your favorite cartoon characters. The Belgian Waffler and Multi-Baker, comes with a Belgian waffle iron and three other interchangeable plates a flat griddle and ribbed grill for vegetables, fish and meats.

Whatever you’re personal preference waffles smothered in warm butter and hot syrup is a great way to start any day.

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